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This web-based training course on Adobe Acrobat Professional functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

Adobe Acrobat is inherently a family of computer applications and tools which have been developed and are distributed by Adobe Systems. The application is used for professionally creating and distributing documents in portable document formats. Any kind of document ranging from official forms to scanned copies, customer surveys, presentations, and anything of this kind can be designed and manipulated through the Adobe Acrobat applications. The latest versions of the Adobe Acrobat tools involve a complete set of features which can be used for data collection and collaboration. Along with the Adobe Reader tool, Acrobat is widely used for fixing layouts similar to paper publications and thus provide effective presentation options. This family of software tools comprise of Acrobat reader, Acrobat and This Acrobat family is distributed in two formats, the classic format whose updates are provided quarterly and the continuous format whose updates are provided more frequently and integrated silently and automatically.

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Course Details

In this Adobe Acrobat online training course the various methods of creating documents and forms, adding interactivities, collaborating and publishing work for everybody to view will be explored and taught in detail. Apart from the generic hands-on Acrobat online training of the various toolbars and interfaces, this course is structured to provide the understanding of how Acrobat integrates into the business environment in terms of workflow and productivity. Through this Adobe Acrobat professional online training, trainees can expect to gain knowledge of creating forms and managing data from them while using the program's built in capabilities involving information retrieval. The course provides extensive tips and practical knowledge of PDF publishing and the security features such as encryption, digital signatures and pre-press production checks. This course covers the latest Adobe Acrobat X and Adobe Acrobat XI versions and has no pre-requisites for its undertaking, any individual can take up this course to add value to his/her work competencies.

  • Course overview and introduction
  • Components of Adobe Acrobat
  • Acrobat Interface description and working
  • Toolbars And Panels of the interface
  • Navigation using Zoom Tools
  • Tools of Navigation
  • Using Find and search tools In PDFs
  • Updating And Securing features of Acrobat
  • Settings of PDF
  • Creation of PDFs From Files
  • Creation of PDFs With The PDF Printer
  • PDFMaker integration with Microsoft Word
  • PDFMaker integration with Microsoft Excel
  • PDFMaker integration with Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Methods of Scanning Into A PDF Document
  • OCR - Converting Scans into Live Text
  • Creation of PDFs through Adobe Applications
  • Creation of PDFs through Web Pages
  • Conversion of Email into PDF using Microsoft Outlook
  • Set up of Views And Transitions
  • Links Creation And Editing
  • Management of Text Flow using Articles
  • Editing Texts in the Document
  • Touch Up of Objects
  • Formatting of PDFs using Headers And Footers
  • Enhancement of PDFs using Backgrounds And Watermarks
  • Attachment of Files in PDFs
  • Export of PDF To Microsoft Office tools
  • Export of PDF Data To Other Files
  • Combination of Multiple Files Into PDFs
  • Splitting and dividing PDFs Into Multiple Files
  • Addition And Removal of Pages In Existing PDFs
  • Extraction and replacement of Pages
  • Addition of Multimedia Content into PDFs
  • Addition of 3D Content into PDFs
  • Addition of Buttons into PDFs
  • Optimization of PDF
  • Use of Bookmarks In PDFs
  • Creation of Bookmarks
  • Linkage of Bookmarks into Views
  • Modification And Organization of Bookmarks
  • Assignment of Actions To Bookmarks
  • Overview of Forms
  • Saving forms by readers
  • Creation of Text Fields
  • Creation of Check Boxes And Radio Buttons
  • Creation of A List Box And Dropdown List
  • Creation of A Barcode Field
  • Addition of A Submit Button
  • Distribution, Collection And Tracking Data of Forms
  • Collaboration methods
  • Addition of Comments And Annotations
  • Addition of Drawing Markups
  • Stamping And Creation of Custom Stamps
  • Sending Email Review
  • Sending Shared Review
  • Tracking of Review results of the PDF
  • Live Collaboration
  • PDF Portfolios Introduction
  • PDF Portfolio Creation
  • Addition of Files And Folders in A PDF Portfolio
  • Customization of Portfolio Appearance
  • Addition of Finishing Touches
  • Portfolio Publishing
  • Security features in a PDF
  • Password Protection usage
  • Certificate Protection usage
  • Creation of A Digital ID
  • Creation of A Digital Signature
  • Signature of A PDF File
  • Certifying PDF Files for security
  • Management of Certificates
  • Print Production Support Overview
  • Management of Color And Conversions
  • Analysis And Fixups in Preflight
  • Problems Solving features
  • Standards Compatibility

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