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Ad Hoc analysis is one of the most powerful tools used by marketers for seeking and identifying high valued customer demographics and further take measures to inculcate these demographics for gaining better and greater profits and business growth. Adobe Analytics Ad Hoc analysis provides the required control for evaluating and assessing real-time visitor information for gaining a deeper and more comprehensive view of the customers. It makes use of multidimensional site analysis for charting customer's non-linear site navigation and thus builds concise visitor segmentation for comparing new segments, insights and key performance indicators. The users can create advanced fallout reports and further apply customized setting for enhanced view of traffic analysis. In a nutshell, using Adobe Analytics Ad Hoc Analysis, the various business problems begin to get resolved and users gain the ability to take segmentation features to better levels by revealing the segment's effect on the site traffic, paths through your site and conversion properties. With Ad Hoc, data sets can be queried with increased speed and flexibility.

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Course Details

Through this Adobe Analytics Ad Hoc Analysis training course, we aim to inculcate the fundamentals of Ad Hoc Analysis in the students while exploring the Adobe Analytics Ad Hoc interface and running reports. Trainees will also learn to customize the Ad Hoc analysis reports for analyzing the sites and also effectively use the various special and advanced features of the software tool. The major focus of this Adobe Ad Hoc Analysis online training will be on the segmentation capabilities of the tool and how this helps in improving the business model and meet the requirements. You will further be taught about the methods of building and applying custom segments and how the path analysis is leveraged for powerful web analysis. Completing this Adobe Ad hoc analysis course, students can expect to conduct end-to-end website traffic analysis and customer profiling while creating analysis plans for important segments. This course has no pre-requisites but it will be beneficial if the students have a working knowledge or experience of marketing reports and analytics.

An overview of ad hoc analysis

  • Introduction to the fundamental concepts
  • Objectives of the analysis

The ad hoc analysis User Interface

  • Introduction to the user interface and layout
  • Understanding the fundamentals
  • Ad hoc analysis Access
  • Logging into ad hoc analysis
  • Projects of Ad hoc analysis
  • How to save Projects
  • Comprehensive tour of the Interface
  • Some advanced aspects of ad hoc analysis

Reports in ad hoc analysis

  • Introducing reports with Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Understanding the elements and features of reports
  • Reports of the Site Metrics
  • Copy Report Data Feature Proof providence
  • Report for the the Totals
  • Unique Visitors and how to handle them
  • Reports based on Items
  • Groups of Products
  • Reports of Integrated Products

Working with Metrics in ad hoc analysis

  • Introduction to metrics in Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Fundamental elements of Metrics
  • Addition of Metrics to Reports
  • How to use Metrics in Ad Hoc Analysis
  • How to use Metrics using the Table Builder
  • How to work with Traffic Metrics
  • Traffic Reports based on visits
  • How to use Traffic Reports
  • Traffic Metrics in Conversion Reports
  • Metrics of Conversion
  • Conversion Reports for Conversion Metrics
  • Difference in naming
  • Conversion Metrics
  • Calculated Metrics
  • How to organize Metrics

How to leverage the Power of Segmentation in Ad Hoc Analysis

  • Introduction to segmentation in Ad Hoc
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Segmentation in Adobe analytics
  • Introducing the various types of Segments
  • Building segments with the Segment Builder
  • Editing and customizing a Segment with the segment builder
  • Methods of Creating a Segment
  • Time Dimensions and their relation to segments

How to perform Path Analysis through ad hoc analysis

  • Introduction to Path Analysis
  • Fundamental elements of Path Analysis in Ad Hoc
  • The various Types of Path Analysis
  • Introduction to Paths Reports and how to create them
  • Introducing Fallout Reporting
  • Methods of creating Fallout Reports
  • Next and Previous Flow Reports
  • How to search for Pages
  • Next Page Flow Report analysis
  • How to create The Site Analysis Report
  • Site Analysis through Heterogeneous Pathing
  • How to create the Virtual Focus Group Reports
  • Methods of Applying Segmentation
  • Methods of “Pathing” Beyond the Page
  • Advanced Pathing techniques

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