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Adobe AIR, formerly known as Adobe integrated runtime, is essentially a cross-platform runtime system which is developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. The software tool helps in creating desktop applications and mobile applications which have been programmed with the help of Adobe Flash, ActionScript or Apache Flex. It is usable over all popular desktop and mobile platforms including windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Blackberry tablet OS. The runtime environment of Adobe AIR provides support for Adobe Flash content and ActionScript 3.0 code for developing applications and video games. The unique feature of this tool is that the applications and games built can be run outside the web browser the same way as native applications on various platforms. Internally, Adobe AIR uses the Flash player rendering engine and ActionScript 3.0 for its programming capabilities. Adobe AIR provides a number of unique features which make it so powerful such as multi-touch, file system integration, native client extension, integration with taskbar and access to mobile calibration components.

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Course Details

This Adobe AIR online training or Adobe integrated runtime training aims to inculcate the necessary expertise in students so that they may build web applications which are available as browser-less applications. The various methods of using the flash web development skills and tools for building rich applications will be taught in detail. Focus will be on the practical applicative knowledge of the tool and the various best practices of using the tool. The four different ways of working with data in AIR are elaborated in detail through this Adobe AIR training course; namely, Database server via web services, local SQL databases, local XML and encrypted local store of AIR. This course is especially useful for Flex developers and professionals who work with Flash, thus it will be beneficial for the trainees to have knowledge of these two technologies to successfully complete this course.

Overview to Adobe AIR

  • Adobe AIR development toolset structure and layout
  • Exploring the runtime application
  • Exploring the Adobe AIR SDK
  • Introducing the Flex Builder.
  • Overview of Adobe AIR tools for Flex Builder
  • Creation of Adobe AIR projects
  • Adobe AIR applications export

Working with Adobe AIR

  • Creation of Adobe AIR applications
  • Creation of Adobe AIR projects
  • Creation of a main application.
  • Adobe AIR application compilation
  • Adobe AIR application running
  • Applications Packaging and deployment
  • Application Exporting
  • Application Code-signing
  • Application content selection
  • application installation
  • Adobe AIR fundamentals
  • Introducing the application container
  • Adobe AIR file format detailing
  • Introduction to application descriptor
  • Introduction to the application display attributes

Creating native windows

  • Creation of a window
  • Usage of the Window class
  • Addition of contents to a window
  • Modification of the window display
  • Changes in the window type
  • Changes in the window chrome
  • Set up of the window transparency
  • Windows Manipulation
  • Gaining window instances
  • Resizing of a window
  • Movement of a window
  • Usage of window events
  • Identification of the window events


  • Types of Menus
  • Creating Menus & Submenus
  • Customization of Menu
  • Role Based Menus
  • Administration Menus
  • Menu Callback

File system usage

  • File class Usage
  • File class Usage
  • Creation of directories
  • File system objects Movement and copying
  • File system objects Deletion
  • Flex Adobe AIR components introduction and usage
  • The various component types
  • File streams Usage
  • Creation of directories
  • File Reading and writing
  • File formats and how to work with them
  • Usage of binary and encoded characters

Connections between applications

  • Communications between applications
  • Use of localconnection
  • Developing communications with the browser
  • Usage of the urlrequest class
  • Usage of HTML content
  • HTML content loading
  • Occasional connections
  • Services Monitoring
  • Detection of HTTP connectivity
  • Detection of Socket connectivity

Usage of the clipboard

  • Movement of the data using copy and paste
  • Usage of the clipboard.
  • Generating data from the clipboard
  • Writing data to the clipboard
  • Drag and drop Feature
  • The stages of drag-and-drop
  • Dragging methods within the clipboard

Persistence of application data

  • Usage of embedded SQL databases
  • Understanding the database files
  • Opening a database
  • Creation of a database
  • SQL statements in Academy Class.
  • Management of the database.
  • Management of the data.
  • Embedded databases
  • Data types and their implementation
  • Usage of Date data
  • Usage of XML data.
  • Usage of BLOB data.

Adobe AIR security

  • Adobe AIR security Overview
  • Security sandboxes
  • Domain considerations and implementations
  • Adobe AIR capabilities and implementations
  • Security practices to be used with Adobe AIR

Customization of Application Deployment

  • Desktop icon setup
  • Application icons usage
  • Set-up of system tray notifications
  • Usage of the shell
  • Usage of the system tray
  • Customization of application chrome
  • Creation of a seamless installer
  • Addition of the installer

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