Adobe-analytics dynamic tag management

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Dynamic Tag management provided by Adobe systems or Adobe analytics is a tag management system for managing and tracking websites. Adobe's dynamic tag management provides an extremely straightforward interface for configuring tools and tagging them to do whatever you want them to do. DTM allows you to remove analytics and marketing tags thus allowing your site to work and load faster with up-to 95% increment in speed. DTM also allows you to decrease the amount of resources thus management of the various tools of the user becomes easier. DTM puts no constrains to the number of sites that can be managed and thus multiple websites can be managed and handled while capturing clean and accurate data. DTM also provides inherent tag security where all the third party tags which aim to modify your site against your wishes are put in a safe cell where they won't cause any trouble. Being a site focused tool, DTM allows you to trigger a number of tags and technologies at the same time in an asynchronous manner.

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Course Details

This Adobe Analytics Dynamic Tag management training provides in-depth understanding of working with Tags and their implementations in web sites. The course explores debugging using DTM switches, creation of web properties, value set up of data elements, loading of pages, call rules based on event and much more. The integration of DTM with Adobe Analytics is also explored in detail with methods like populating Adobe analytics variables. The integration of DTM with Adobe marketing cloud solutions is another special feature explored in this Adobe dynamic tags management online course. The security features provided by Adobe DTM involving management and firing of third-party tags is taught with a practical and intuitive approach. The course has no pre-requisites but it will be beneficial if the trainees are familiar with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketing cloud solutions to keep pace with the course.

  • Overview to Dynamic Tag Management
  • Management of Tags
  • Fundamentals of dynamic tag management
  • Architecture of Dynamic Tag Management
  • Roles of Dynamic Tag Management
  • Publishing Workflow and Rule Approval
  • Revision History
  • Considerations in Governance
  • Interface Exploration
  • Geometrixx Web Site
  • Debugging methods
  • DTM Switch implementations
  • Debugging without using the DTM Switch
  • Debugging with the DTM Switch
  • Adobe Debugger implementation
  • Setup of DTM
  • Web Properties understanding
  • Creation of a Web Property
  • Options of DTM Library File Hosting
  • Embed Code in DTM
  • Retrieving the Embed Code
  • Placement of Embed Code on Geometrixx Clothiers Pages
  • Elements of the Data
  • Types of Data Element
  • JS Object understanding
  • CSS Selector and its usage
  • Understanding Cookies
  • URL Parameter implementation
  • Custom Script usage
  • Page Name Data Element usage
  • Verification of Page Name
  • Page Data Elements
  • Internal Search Term
  • Setup of Adobe Analytics Tool
  • Adobe Analytics integrated with DTM
  • Adding a Tool
  • Global Configuration Settings of a Tool
  • Setting up an Analytics Tool
  • Rules of Tools
  • Rules of Page Load, Event Based and Direct Call
  • Overview to Page Load Rule
  • Rule Order
  • Conditions in Rules
  • Rule Settings for Adobe Analytics Page Load
  • Creation of a Page Load Rule
  • Creation of Conditional Page Load Rules
  • Rules based on Event
  • Custom Link Tracking for Search Terms
  • Rules for Direct Call
  • Additional Tools Setup
  • Addition of Other Tools
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Media Optimizer
  • Audience Manager

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