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Adobe Authorware which was previously known as Macromedia Authorware is a graphical programming language which is interpreted and based on flowcharts. Authorware helps in the development of interactive programs integrating a number of multimedia content to create electronic educational technology applications. The unique feature of this authoring tool is its flowchart construction architecture which is different from other such tools based on visual stage and timeline scripting structures. The authoring environment of Authorware provides rich interactions and complex feed-back capabilities which lead to various forms of user feedback such as move object to, along a line, click an object or hot spot and more such features. The power of this authoring tool comes from its roots in the pedagogical models which have their base in the constructivist views. Authorware works by using flow-lines which define the structure of the developer’s program and can be used to develop interactivity and navigational elements along with text, graphics, animations and other media. Authorware programs have the capability of being distributed as stand-alone files or over the web which requires an Authorware Web player.

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This Adobe Authorware online training course provides the conceptual understanding of the Authorware work flow using its flow-lines and its interaction centric approach. The course explores the architecture and framework of the tool along with its various features and then moves on to the applicative knowledge of creating applications. Through this Adobe Authorware online training, the trainees will be taught about the various methods of building computer based training applications with rich media features including audio, video, text, graphics and animation. Synchronization will be explored in detail along with the methods of creating log in and data tracking methods. Completing this Adobe Authorware training course, trainees will be able to develop complete training applications which can present data with full navigation controls along with testing and scoring capabilities. This course has no pre-requisites and any professional or beginner can take it up to make a career in the domain.

Introduction and overview to Authorware

  • Understanding the icons from the Tool Bar
  • The Menu and its basic setup
  • Understanding and working with the flow lines
  • Different media types/formats, and deliverables used in Authorware

Introduction and Sequencing

  • Building intro sequences
  • Using digital video, sound, text and animation in Authorware
  • Working with interaction and the decision icon

Interaction Icons

  • Creation of multiple choice questions
  • Using text, hot spots, and creating feedback for selections
  • Defining text styles
  • Methods of grouping
  • Usage of text entry
  • Overview to wildcards and Entrytext variable

Targeting and Libraries

  • Creating a Target interaction
  • Using snap to, catch all and locking objects
  • Demonstrating and using libraries
  • Constraining icons to areas, paths and screen

Introduction to Frameworks

  • Development of a fully function navigation system
  • Using the Framework Icon of Authorware
  • Importing graphics, rtf files and edit buttons
  • Using hypertext linking with Authorware
  • Using Active If conditions for disabling and hiding inactive buttons

Implementation of Decision Icons, System and Custom variables

  • Use of If Else statements and other Test Functions
  • Developing Multiple Choice questions including feedback for Pass or Fail


  • Using the IconID variable in Random feedback display

Understanding Nested Frameworks and switches

  • Developing and navigating through frameworks within frameworks
  • Using switches for disabling enabling navigation buttons

Radio Buttons and the Checked Variable

  • Programming Authorware's radio buttons
  • Using Active If
  • Using checked variable


  • Developing static and dynamic sliders
  • Manipulating other objects and for navigation using sliders

Methods of Rollovers using IconID

  • Developing 3 state buttons
  • Manipulation of each response individually

Methods of Data Capture/Retrieval

  • Using the File functions to write, read and parse data from local hard drives.
  • Using the Character functions and custom variables

Jump Files manipulation

  • Interfacing Authorware application with other applications
  • Calling and passing variable between Authorware applications

Packaging and Web Delivery

  • Developing login sequence for tests for new or current users
  • Using the EXE as well as an AAM file for Web Delivery.

Methods of Database Access - ODBC

  • Methods of using external function for writing reading data through ODBC
  • Post URL sending variables to ASP and CFM over the WEB
  • Active X controls
  • Asset Xtras
  • Use of Flash as an Asset Xtra

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