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This web-based training course on Adobe Campaign functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

Adobe campaign is essentially a campaign management platform which helps marketers in improving the methods through which they engage with customers. Through Adobe Campaign, designing, execution and measurement of campaigns across multiple channels can be performed along with delivery of offers, messages and experiences. Adobe Campaign focuses on providing these services in a consistent manner with relevant data uniquely tailored to the customer’s contexts, needs and preferences. Having the capabilities of delivering across multiple channels such as email, direct mail, call centers, web browsers etc., Adobe Campaign can provide highly effective and engaging customer campaigns for organizations. It works on five fundamental aspects of campaigning, namely; daily tasks simplification, realizing customer needs, accelerating marketing processes, making customer happy and creating immense value for both business and customers.

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This Adobe Campaign training course provides knowledge of management capabilities for marketing teams for both traditional and emerging channels. The various strategies of communication, collection and measurement across single and cross channels are explored in detail in this Adobe Campaign training. The course aims to provide the required knowledge of Campaign, personalization management capabilities to create and automate touch-friendly marketing plans across digital and traditional channels. Completing this Adobe Campaign (V6) digital marketing course, the trainees will gain the required knowledge for building and extending relationships with the customer base while driving top of the line revenue growth and ROI. This course has no pre-requisites for its enrollment and any professional or beginner willing to work in the domain can take it up.

Data Management with Adobe Campaign

  • Overview of Data Management
  • Methods of controlling workflow and its execution
  • Addition of data to the worktable, qualifying buyers, and usage of target data in delivery
  • Methods of developing efficient queries
  • Exploration of the data model
  • Methods of selecting targeting and filtering dimensions
  • How to filtering conditions and editing expressions
  • Buyer behavior analysis
  • Selection of source data
  • Per-recipient aggregates
  • How to work without a targeting dimension and the 'best' records choice
  • Reporting data
  • Sales performance summary and adding linked data
  • Delivery results computation at the program level

Adobe campaignschema and Management of Forms

  • How to work with structured documents
  • Manipulation, specifying and access of documents in Adobe Campaign
  • Business data Modeling
  • Creation and deployment of custom schema
  • Updating the database
  • Management of forms
  • Input forms designing
  • Folder types addition in the navigation hierarchy
  • Data model extension
  • Factory schema extension and input forms
  • Deployment of a package

Lead Management Optimization through Adobe Campaign

  • Introduction to LMO: B2B sales and marketing
  • Neolane's LMO solutions and lead life cycle
  • Exploring the Neolane Client Console
  • Implementation of a marketing plan
  • How to capture leads and importing event list
  • Methods of capturing and tracking leads online
  • Understanding sales generated leads
  • How to send e-mail deliveries
  • Create e-mail delivery, content, deliverability and viewing delivery reports
  • Ranking and routing leads
  • Building and scoring leads
  • Rating and routing leads
  • Accepting or rejecting leads
  • Newsletter campaigns and methods of Inviting leads to subscribe
  • Publishing newsletters and how to gather profile data
  • Creation and execution of segmentation workflow
  • Defining conditions of filtering
  • Combining query results and storage of segment
  • Campaign workflows and executing a campaign
  • How to target registrants and send direct mail delivery
  • B2B marketing results measurement and analysis
  • Measurement of Recipient responses
  • Examination of lead conversions and descriptive analysis

Web Applications & Survey in Adobe Campaign

  • Creation of a survey
  • Creation of a new web application
  • Methods of building the survey logic
  • Methods of designing the form
  • How to test the survey and controlling the form layout
  • Survey questions and scoring survey responses
  • Conditional display of form controls
  • Navigating through multi-page forms
  • Providing a survey
  • Publishing a survey and passing survey parameters
  • Utilizing the survey responses
  • How to view survey reports
  • Identification of survey responders
  • Segmenting survey responses and splitting on the basis of survey score

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