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Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate is a time-tested and proven multimedia software platform for creating animations, games, internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and games. Adobe Flash makes use of text, vector graphics and raster graphics for providing animations and other such graphical creations. Additionally, Adobe Flash also provides an amazing way of sharing high quality videos. A number of platforms are available for the creation of flash files such as Adobe Animation, Adobe Flash Builder, FlashDevelop, Flash Catalyst or any other text editor which may be used with Apache Flex SDK. Flash makes use of ActionScript coding language which provides the capability of developing interactive animations, video games and applications. Adobe animation has always been the most common animation program which provides low cost two dimensional animations.

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Course Details

In this Adobe Flash online course, students will gain information of developing standalone presentations and animation scenes end-to-end. The students will gain the knowledge of converting these animations into web-ready videos with the help of Flash encoder and further develop playback controls. The methodology of importing and implementing graphics and artwork from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in your active Flash Project will be dealt with in detail through this Adobe Flash training course. The various methods of working with texts, images, audio and video within the Flash environment will be in focus throughout the course to provide applicative knowledge of the technology. Completing this Adobe Flash CS5 training course, trainees can expect to develop highly interactive and feature reach Flash project and further publish them in a variety of formats. The course has no pre-requisites and any professional or beginner wishing to work in the domain can take it up.

Introducing The New Features Of Flash

  • Enhanced Scaling Assets And Their Implementation
  • Pinning Support Addition For Ik Objects
  • Snippets Panel And Its Usage
  • Assets Sharing On The Projects Panel
  • Bitmap Cache
  • Exporting To Bitmap
  • Conversion Of Vector To Bitmap
  • Publishing To iOS Devices


  • Flash Working Documents Manipulation
  • Flash Preferences Modification
  • Document Settings Control
  • Flash Project Creation
  • Flash Publishing Basics
  • Playing Animations Within Flash
  • Customization Of Tools Panel

The Flash Architecture And Environment

  • Timeline In The Flash
  • Manipulating Layers
  • Layer Complexity Control Using Folders
  • Layer Preferences And How To Work With Them
  • Fundamentals Of Flash Scenes
  • Flash File Info Utilization
  • Accessing Scenes

Introduction To Gradient, Shapes And Colors

  • Colors And How To Work With Them
  • Flash Deco Tool And Its Usage
  • Line Drawing Tool And Its Usage
  • Using The The Pencil Tool
  • Brush & Scatter Brush Tools And How To Work With Them
  • Predefined Shape Tools And How To Work With Them
  • Gradients And How To Work With Them
  • How To Change Colors Using The Eyedropper Tool
  • Addition Of Strokes And Fills In Objects
  • How To Control The Edges Of Objects

Introduction To The Flash Library And How To Work With It

  • How To Work With Flash Objects And Implement Them
  • The Fundamentals Of Flash Library
  • Graphic Symbols And How To Work With Them
  • Movie Clips Usage And Implementation
  • Implementing Flash Buttons
  • Generation Of Graphic Symbols
  • Movie Clips Creation
  • Simple Buttons And How To Build Them
  • External Libraries And How To Work With Them
  • Library Symbols And How To Swap Them
  • Conversion Of Strokes To Fills

Working With The Flash Text And Their Implementation

  • Difference Between Classic And Cs5 Text
  • How To Work With The Classic Flash Text
  • How To Work With Fonts, Colors & Size
  • Methods Of Tracking, Kerning And Leading
  • Spell Check & Find And Replace
  • Methods Of Working With Rotation And Alignment
  • How To Embed Fonts Fonts
  • Dividing Text
  • Text Boxes And Their Implementation
  • Dividing And Reconnection Of Column Text
  • How To Work With Special Characters
  • Methods Of Formatting Columnar Text

Methods Of Importing Graphics To Flash

  • Bitmap As Compared To Vector
  • Methods Of Dragging And Dropping Applications
  • Methods Of Dragging And Dropping From The Desktop
  • Flash Import Command And Its Usage
  • How To Edit Bitmap Images
  • Compression Of Bitmap Images
  • Conversion Of Bitmaps Into Vector
  • Selection Preferences Set Up

Implementing Frame-To-Frame Animation With Flash

  • Frame-By-Frame Animation Development
  • Frame-By-Frame Animation Modification
  • How To Work With Alignment And Distribution
  • Tips And Tricks For Editing

Methods Of Class Tweening And Its Use In Flash

  • Fundamentals Of Classic Tweening
  • Document Set Up
  • Classic Tween Creation
  • Tween Object Rotation
  • Gravity And Working With It
  • Methods Of Changing The Tween Shape
  • Guide Layers Usage
  • Methods Of Morphing Object Using Shape Tweening
  • How To Work With Shape Hinting
  • How To Work With Multiple Spans
  • Methods Of Fading Using Tween
  • The Motion Editor Panel And Its Usage
  • The Motion Editor Panel And Its Usage

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