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Adobe Media Optimizer is an effective solution for optimizing paid campaigns in an extremely comprehensive manner. Using this software tool from the stables of adobe, sophisticated and accurate performance modeling of systems in the industry can be done to provide them with the ability to make better business decisions and accurate business predictions. It helps in providing the organizations with near accurate scenario predictions which may shift the customers to purchase their products or services. Effective modifications in the budgets across channels, data collection and consumer understanding can be performed to gain a wider view of the campaign and its performance. Additionally, this view is not just constrained to one channel but available at various channels across search, display and social activities to gain deeper insights of the customer's interaction with the organization's brand. Considering the changing marketing dynamics which are based on competition, season and budget variables, Adobe Media Optimizer as a part of Adobe Marketing Cloud is the perfect tool for improving campaign performance by forecasting and planning about the various given variables and how they will react to the market to make the business move forward.

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Course Details

This Adobe Media Optimizer online course focuses on the various fundamentals of audience management and how its services are integrated with the other solutions of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The various methods of providing performance management, integrated analytics, retail optimization, display management, social ad management and audience management are explored one by one and explained in detail for the benefit of the trainees. Through this Adobe Media Optimizer course, the trainees will learn to measure and optimize digital experiences which help them in accelerating the marketing performance. The various search tools and features of Adobe Media Optimizer will be in focus throughout the course to reach the search advertising goals. This Adobe Media Optimizer online training course has no pre-requisites for its enrollment but it will be beneficial if the trainees have a working knowledge of marketing and advertisement to keep pace with the course.


  • Adobe Media Optimizer
  • Capabilities of Media Optimizer
  • For Searching
  • Media Optimizer For Social
  • For Displaying Advertising


  • Communication
  • Communication Management
  • Communications Process And Principles
  • To Set up Communication Goals
  • Recommendations On A Communication Approach


  • Media Optimizer Maturity Model
  • Key Dimensions Of Media Optimization
  • Focus
  • Digital Strategy
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Strategy
  • Alignment
  • Plan and Execute Search, Display And Social
  • Integrating Marketing Channels
  • Innovation


  • Structure
  • Types
  • Project Based Recommended Organizational Structure
  • Business Recommended Organizational
  • Roles And Responsibilities
  • Resources
  • Resource Model


  • Deployment
  • Methodology for Implementation
  • Stakeholders Involved During The Implementation
  • Workflow To Create A Digital Advertising Campaign
  • Usage
  • Administration
  • Sustainability
  • To maintain a Single View Of Customers
  • Processes To Adopt Traditional Or Emerging Channels
  • Tracking And Upgrading
  • View Alert Details
  • Media Optimizer Practices
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Practice For Portfolios
  • To Choose Relevant Keywords
  • To Create Ad copy
  • Practices For Social Campaigns Structure Strategies
  • To Create Effective Social Network Ads

Technology and Product

  • Fit to Solution
  • Solution Architecture
  • Integrations
  • Integration of Marketing Cloud
  • Third-Party Integrations that are most common
  • Democratization
  • Automation

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