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Adobe Presenter is Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in provided by Adobe systems which works as an eLearning presentation tool. It also works as a screen casting and video editing tool on both windows and OS X platform and is known as the Adobe Presenter Video Express. Using this software tool, on-screen presentations can be captured and converted into highly interactive and engaging videos. Additionally, support is provided for content authoring on PowerPoint and ActionScript 3 along with the integration of Adobe Captivate. The software also provides video tools which provide the capability of uploading presentations on video sharing platforms such YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Additionally, Adobe Presenter provides the capability of receiving feedback from the viewers themselves using video analytics and creation of Experience API, SCORM and AICC compliant content. Various other unique features are provided with Adobe presenter which include publishing to Adobe Connect, universal standards support, file size control, navigational restriction and other such features.

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Course Details

In this Adobe Presenter training course, the trainees will be taught about the various fundamental aspects of creating dynamic video presentations using Adobe Presenter. Using Adobe presenter, professional e-learning interfaces are integrated into the PowerPoint deck and will be in focus throughout the course. The trainees will be taught about the methods of using audio, video and other interactive features in Adobe presenter to improve the engagement of the learners. Methods of publishing as SWF for web browser or as a PDF file will also be talked about in this Adobe Presenter online training program. Other features of Adobe Presenter such as setting up voice-over script as a teleprompter, recording voiceover, adding interactive graphics and games, will all be covered in the course. To successfully complete this Adobe Presenter training course it is expected that the trainees have a basic knowledge of PowerPoint presentation to keep pace with the course.

Overview to the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Applications

  • The various Adobe Connect Pro Applications
  • Overview of the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting
  • Overview of Adobe Presenter
  • Navigating through the Adobe Presentations
  • Overview of the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training
  • Overview of the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events
  • Overview of the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Central

Audio integration

  • Installation of Adobe Presenter
  • Slide Narration Recording
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Importing
  • Powerpoint Animations integration
  • Synchronization of Audio and Animations
  • Best methods of Recording Audio

Adobe Presentation Publishing

  • Presentations Publishing
  • Presentation Properties Setup
  • Presentation Packaging for Distribution
  • Presentation Publishing to an Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Presentation Publishing to Adobe Connect Pro server
  • Adobe Presentation Update on the Server

Adobe Presentations Customization

  • Slide Navigation Settings and its setup
  • Presenter Information Addition
  • Presentation Theme change up
  • Custom Theme Creation
  • Files attachment
  • Powerpoint Links addition

Flash Content and Video addition

  • Flash Content addition
  • Non-Interactive Flash SWF Files playback
  • Flash Content Control using the Presentation Control Bar
  • Slide Time for Interactive Flash SWF Files
  • Import of Videos to a Slide or a Slide Bar
  • Recording Videos for Placement on a Slide or Slide Side Bar
  • Video editing

Addition of Quizzes

  • Addition of Quiz Questions
  • Addition of Quiz Question Groups
  • Quizzes and Questions Import
  • Quiz Navigation Properties set up
  • Quiz Slides Appearance customization
  • Customizing Feedback Messages
  • Quiz Results Scoring and Reporting
  • Audio addition to Quiz Slides

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Content Library Management

  • Exploring the Structure of the Content Library
  • Management and Organization of the Content
  • Presentation Information Viewing and Editing
  • Presentations searching and downloading
  • Content upload to the Content Library
  • Content Reports viewing

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training Course Creation

  • Overview of the Adobe Connect Training
  • New Course Creation
  • Course Reports viewing

Virtual Classrooms creation and management

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Virtual Classrooms
  • Virtual Classroom creation
  • Virtual Classroom Management and Running

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training Curriculum Creation

  • Fundamentals of Training Curriculum
  • Training Curriculum Creation
  • External Training Items addition to a Curriculum
  • Curriculum Items organization into Folders
  • Learning Object Dependencies assignment
  • Curriculum Enrollment setup
  • Curriculum Reports viewing
  • Best methods of Creating Training Curriculum

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events Creation and Management

  • Adobe Connect Events Introduction
  • Pre-Event Tasks Performance
  • New Connect Event Creation
  • In-Event Tasks Performance
  • Post-Event Tasks Performance
  • Connect Events Management
  • Best Methods of Creating Events

Overview of Adobe Captivate

  • Introduction to Adobe Captivate
  • Sample Project Previewing
  • Exploring the Adobe Captivatea's Working Environment

Project Recording

  • Workflow Process Understanding
  • Application Demonstration Recording
  • Demonstration Previewing and Saving
  • Best methods of Projects recording
  • Using Text Captions
  • Audio Recording for Existing Project
  • Audio Files Import
  • Project Publishing
  • Buttons Insertion

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