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Apache HBase is an open source database which has the advantages of being non-relational and distributed. Apache HBase runs on top of the Apache Hadoop distributed file system in fault-tolerant ways of saving large quantities of sparse data. With HBase comes the advantages of effective compression, in-memory operation and bloom filters for effective data handling. For data input and output procedures, HBase uses tables connected with the MapReduce jobs in Hadoop and accessed through the JAVA API, REST, Avro or Thrift Gateway API. The column oriented key-value data store structure of HBase has its lineage with Hadoop and HDFS and allows fast read and write operations on huge datasets with amazing throughput and least input/output latency. The Apache Pheonix project provides SQL layer for HBase and JDBC driver along with distributed ACID transaction protections across multiple statements, tables and rows for using HBase as a storage engine. HBase does not support SQL scripting but is written in JAVA and is similar to the MapReduce application. Being used in a wide variety of websites and applications of top organizations all over the world, HBase provides effective database management linked with Big Data Hadoop for large volume data transactions.

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This Apache HBase online training course provides an in-depth understanding of HBase and its No-SQL architecture. Additionally, focus will be on the integration of HBase with Hadoop and also its synchronization with HDFS. Through this Apache HBase training program, trainees will learn to deploy effective HBase data models for performing various operations. The methods of using load utility, integrating Hive, implementing HBase cluster and various other components will be explained in detail. The HBase API and HBase Shell will also be dealt in detail for the benefit of the trainees along with the understanding of its applicative implementation for data modeling and architecture. There are no pre-requisites for this course but it will be beneficial if the trainees have some basic understanding of database management and big data.

Introduction to HBase

  • Introduction to NoSQL Databases
  • Advantages of using NoSQL database
  • Introduction and overview of Apache HBase
  • Understanding the HBase Architecture
  • What is the difference between HBase & RDBMS
  • What is the difference and integration between HBase & Hadoop
  • Cases of real-life HBase use

Installation and configuring HBase

  • Requirements to install HBase
  • Installing HBase on single machine
  • How to troubleshoot encountered problems

Installation if HBase on multi node cluster

  • Required environment for installation of HBase
  • Requirements for installation of HBase on all nodes
  • Installation of HBase on real multi-node cluster
  • How to interact with the HBase cluster

Data Modelling with HBase

  • Data Model in HBase
  • How to design tables and column families in HBase
  • HBase structures and versioning in HBase on multiple dimensions

HBase Shell & Operations

  • Various components of HBase
  • Playing with tables in HBase
  • Working with CRUD HBase Tables

Understanding the HBase Architecture

  • Working with the HBase cluster and its architecture
  • Working with the Region server architecture
  • How to work with Split in Region server
  • Compaction and Flushes concepts and implementations
  • HBase Business cases in Real time

Understanding and working with HBase APIs

  • How to load and work with HBase Utilities
  • Processing HBase Data with the help of MapReduce
  • Integrating HBase with Hive
  • Advanced HBase Operations
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