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5 Tools That Any Hacker Cannot Work Without


27 Dec 2016     Sophia Pierce

Hacking is a term that we all have seen getting evolved in the past few years. There are two opposite ways of hacking, one being the evil way of hacking and the other being counter attacking those evil minded hackers. Hacking is not necessarily an evil thing in fact it is a very diverse topic. Ethical hacking has been the most trending topic in the past few years. Nevertheless hacking has only evolved over time and there are some hacking tools on the Internet that every hacker needs. Here we bring you some of the best hacking tools that every hacker might be using.

Metasploit Penetration Testing Software
One of the widely used hacking tools, Metasploit has a cluster of tools and frameworks that are specifically designed for hacking. This tool is a weapon that most professional hackers and testers carry. The main purpose that the hacking tool serves is vulnerability exploitation where it provides the user with a comprehensive database that comprises basics of security related vulnerability and helps the hacker in setting up penetration and IDS tests. The main highlight of this tool is to execute codes to exploit machines in order to carry out different tasks.

Self driving cars and autopilot for automotive vehicles
Google, Tesla and Faraday Future are the current pioneers in Vehicular autonomy and self driving capacity. Google self driving car has been in the news and under development for a long time now and we may expect it to be launched any time soon. Tesla on the other hand has already started using its autopilot feature in commercial cars with moderate to high success rates. Faraday future is also working on the same lines to provide vehicle autonomy and unmanned vehicle systems.
Self driving cars had always been a sci-fi movie concept in the past few years. It does not seem like a dream anymore as we are on the brink of a new era involving the internet of things

Purpose - Vulnerability Exploitation

Availability – Free

Nmap Network Mapper
No other tool can beat this open source hacking tool when it comes to detecting and auditing networks for security. It is one of the best tools in the open source market when it comes to functioning and execution. Its main uses are finding open ports, monitoring uptime for host as well as service and managing of schedules for improving service. Not only this, the hacking tool utilizes raw packets to discover a network for available hosts, finding out the application version and names of its services, checking fingerprints for deriving the operating systems and also getting hold of the firewall information including the details of filters that they have alongside the version.

Purpose – Port Scanning and Network Mapping

Availability – Free

If you are in search of the best tool for network vulnerability scanner then your hunt must stop down at Nessus. Launched by Tenable Network Security this tool is easily one of finest tools for the identification and resolution of identified issues well within time. Backed up by a client server framework, this innovative tool is extremely flexible in penetration testing. Whilst the server carries out the penetration tests, in the meantime reporting and configuration is performed by the client systems.

Purpose – Network Vulnerability Scanner

Availability – Free/Paid

Kismet is in true terms the perfect hacking tool available in the freeware market. The tool successfully sniffs through layer 2 Wi-Fi networks comprising of 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. The main purpose that this tool serves to hackers is troubleshooting Wi-Fi. The good thing about this tool is that it is smoothly supported by any Wi-Fi that consists of rfmon mode. Kismet is available for almost all the platforms including Windows, OS X, LINUX and BSD. In order to get more information regarding standard as well as hidden networks, Kismet uses the method of passive accumulation of packets.

Purpose – Network Vulnerability Scanner

Availability – Free/Paid

Nikito Website Vulnerability Scanner
Nikitio Website Vulnerability scanner is extensively used by penetration testers for various purposes it serves. Coming from the house of Netsparker, this tool scans software for dangers by checking with an enormous database of 6800 programs and files. Apart from this it also detects version issues from a notable database of 275 servers and another 1300 unpatched servers. One thing that puts this hacking tool above all is its ability to spot configuration components like installed web applications and servers, options in HTTP servers, multiple index files, etc.

Purpose – Web Server Penetration Testing

Availability – Free

So these were five of the strongest tools that everyone in the hacking industry uses. Each of them has its own capabilities and limitations, but leaving that apart they are very powerful tools that can be of great use.

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