Business Relationship Management(BRM): Aligning IT & The Business

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Course Details

This course helps trainees to learn the practices of Business Relationship Management (BRM) for facilitating IT solutions. Trainees learn to take on the role of IT adviser who helps to meet the need of the business with IT services. With this training program, trainees will learn to build a strong alignment between IT and the business, choose IT projects that build trust, differentiate internal IT services for competitive solution and evaluating stakeholders to assess their level of influence. This course educates trainees about articulating IT solutions that meet business needs and documenting an IT company’s catalog of services. There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is beneficial for both fresher and professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Introduction to Relationship Management

  • Why organizations need successful relationships between IT and the business?
  • How to balance the needs of IT and the business?
  • Effectively aligning IT investments and business goals

The trusted IT advisor

  • To recognize how trust feels
  • Defining trust in an IT organization
  • To build a trusted relationship

Roles of Business Relationship Management (BRM)

  • IT relationship management vs. IT project management
  • To discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Required technical and social competencies

Defining a catalog of services

  • To identify IT products and services
  • The components of an ideal catalog
  • To create an initial catalog from scratch
  • To rank services with metrics

Developing awareness of the organizational culture

  • Explaining IntCRM Model
  • To overcome common IT relationship barriers
  • To explore how things get done in the organization
  • Applying tools for culture analysis

To know your stakeholders

  • Explain the stakeholder relationship life cycle
  • To classify the various roles stakeholders play
  • Explain importance of stakeholder power and influence

Optimizing the first meeting

  • To Plan the meeting
  • Models for understanding people
  • To explain the role of the BRM
  • To confirm relationships and roles
  • Leaving with actions

Planning the relationship strategy

  • To analyze the relationship
  • Recruiting trusted teams
  • To form the plan
  • Executing the strategy

To perform competitive analysis

  • Evaluating IT outsourcing and consulting solutions
  • To establish your competitive advantage

Identifying opportunities for improvement

  • Capturing, prioritizing and documenting business needs
  • To apply a framework for prioritizing and selecting projects
  • To pick quick-win projects

To design a strategy to meet customer needs

  • To conduct a modified SWOT analysis
  • Various Questions you should ask
  • Making a go or no-go decision

Responding to requests

  • To differentiate your services from your competitors
  • Communicating your internal IT capabilities to the business
  • How to validate business needs in business terms?

Selling your solutions to the business

  • To translate IT speak to business speak
  • Linking IT solutions to pains
  • To articulate IT solutions in terms of business value
  • Writing clear, tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Managing project handoffs

  • Ensuring a seamless transition
  • To create and maintain communication channels
  • To build the relationship

The IT relationship scorecard

  • To establish performance metrics
  • Assessing BRM success
  • To analyze results
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Duration : 40 Hours

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Duration : 4-8 Hours

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