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The growing digital world has made virtual animations and animated movies an extremely important part of virtually all industrial domains. It is no longer restricted to domains of entertainment and recreation as animated advertisements, data visualization, explanatory movies, e-learning and more use 2d and 3d animations for various different purposes. The outreach of 2d and 3d animations has become extremely wide and will only grow in the coming years. In the entertainment industry, 2D and 3D animations and VFX have found a fortified and extremely important place with virtually all movies today employing VFX, animations and special effects at different levels. In the advertisement and marketing industry too 2D and 3D, animations are gaining immense popularity and importance owing to flexibility and independent nature. Several 2D and 3D animation tools are available in the market such as Flash animation, Maya 3D, 3Ds max and more which are used for animation design and development.

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Course Details

This 2D and 3D computer animation online training course provides the fundamental and basic concepts which are required for developing interactive and efficient 2D and 3D animations. The course begins with the fundamentals of design and drawing concepts and how the various real life forms and entities can be transferred to the digital media on the computer or even on the paper manually. After understanding the basic concepts of drawing and concept designing, the classical 2D animation techniques will be dealt with in detail to create a solid foundation for 3D designing. All the aspects of 2D animations including character motion and expressions will be explained in detail. 3D animations will be explained in detail with focus on the implementation capabilities of Maya and 3Ds Max. The various types of motion and camera animations along with the various real life element transformations into animations will be dealt in detail. Rendering techniques will also be in focus. The 2D and 3D animation training program also includes several audio and video editing techniques which can be employed on existing animations and motion pictures.

Drawing and Concept Design

  • Introduction To Sketching And Drawing
  • Perspective by setting up eye levels
  • Perspective design
  • Proportion in portrait drawing
  • Highligting and shadows
  • Understanding the Colour theory
  • Illusion drawings
  • Theories of figure drawing
  • Anatomy and Poses
  • Design and Composition of Figure drawing
  • Narrative drawing
  • Muscles and Anatomy
  • Composition and Expression
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital colour correction
  • Layout design accoring to a storyboard

2D Classical Animation

  • Developing story from core concept to story line
  • Script writing
  • Planning strategy
  • Developing Characters living and nonliving
  • Developing Manual & Digital BGs
  • Camera and Shots
  • Story Boarding
  • Lip synchronization
  • Expressions
  • Walk through of Human beings
  • Flying and swimming
  • Human emotion and motivated action in isolation
  • Considering styles of performance and range of movement
  • Styles of performance
  • Timing, composition, and staging
  • Object animation and effects
  • Hard/soft/elastic, fire, water, wind, fabric/clothing, ropes, weight/ inertia/ pull/ push/ throw/ break/ bounce
  • Interactive character animation
  • Lip sync and cinematic storytelling
  • Listening/thinking/speaking, accents

3D modeling & Advanced Animation & Game Design

  • Introduction and comparison of Max Vs.Maya
  • Understanding the GUI
  • Polygon Tools
  • Subdivisions
  • Surfaces
  • Organic Modeling
  • Low Poly (Game Character), High Poly (Detailed Human Character) Shaders
  • Unwrapping Techniques
  • Texturing Props
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Night Scene Light
  • Morning Scene Lighting
  • Camera Attributes
  • Advance Camera Techniques
  • 3d Painting Techniques
  • 3D Software Rendering Techniques
  • Mental Ray Rendering
  • Basic Animation
  • Motion Path Animation
  • Camera Animation
  • Rigging
  • Joints (IK/FK)
  • Advance Skinning Techniques
  • Biped Animation
  • Simple Walk Cycle
  • Introduction to Dynamics
  • Creating effects like Fire, Smoke, Fireworks, Soft Bodies/Rigid Bodies
  • Fluid Effects
  • introduction to Fur & Cloth, Setting Scene Shots, Match moving With Live Action Scene

Compositing & Audio/Video Editing

  • Theory of Video format and video connection standards
  • Digital Graphics and Effects
  • Media animation techniques
  • Digital Video Composition
  • Photoshop import
  • 3D DVE compositing
  • Non Linear Editing
  • Multitrack editing
  • Studying various types of shots
  • Footage caputuring
  • Shooting and Editing
  • Audio for Video emphasis on synchronization and time code
  • Multi-track audio-sweetening techniques
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