Design and orchestrate marketing campaigns using Adobe Campaign

This web-based training course on Design and orchestrate marketing campaigns using Adobe Campaign functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

Working as a campaign management platform, Adobe Campaign V6 has been providing immense capabilities and efficiency to professionals for developing, executing and managing campaigns across a number of channels including some advanced channels apart from the traditional ones. The campaigns are executed in a consistent manner with the required data tailored and customized to suit the needs of the customers as well as the organization. The channels across which these campaigns can be engaged include email, direct mail, call centers, web browsers and more such media. Designing and orchestrating marketing campaigns across these channels with the help of Adobe Campaign provides growing customer base, increased customer satisfaction and profits/benefits for both business and the customer as well. Adobe Campaign V6 works with the 5 fundamentals of marketing, namely; daily task simplification, realizing customer needs, accelerating marketing processes, customer happiness and work value.

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Course Details

This Design and Orchestrate Marketing Campaigns using Adobe Campaign V6 online training course is structured for aiding the ever busy marketing personnel and business professionals to the fundamental uses and abilities of Campaign V6 to leverage its resources. Completing this Adobe V6 course, trainees can expect to implement effective marketing plans and develop personalized content for the said marketing plans. They will be efficient in configuring campaigns while analyzing the delivery and also creating the basic queries required for the review of workflows and more. The Adobe Campaign training program focuses on the direct mail campaigns, advanced event triggered campaigns, social marketing, and integration of Adobe Campaign with the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. It is advised that the trainees have some prior experience in marketing and campaign management to effectively complete this course. However, beginners can also choose to pursue this course.

Introduction to Campaign v6

  • Overview of the Campaign structure and its UI
  • The fundamentals elements and methods of using Campaign
  • Introduction to the concept of Recipients
  • Concept of Lists and Campaign Hierarchy
  • Methods of Filtering the Recipients
  • How to Browse Recipients and Profiles Data
  • Methods of Creating Marketing Plans
  • Create and Run a Workflow in Adobe Campaign
  • How to Create a Marketing Program in Adobe Campaign
  • Introduction to the concept of Reports

Design and Orchestrate Email Campaigns

  • The Email Campaign Process flow in Adobe Campaign
  • How to Define an email campaign
  • Methods of Creating a Workflow
  • Methods of designing content for an email campaign
  • Reviewing methods and implementations
  • The concept of Proof and approval
  • Delivery and Tracking methodologies
  • End-to-end execution of an email campaign
  • Analyzing delivery in Adobe Campaign
  • How to create Reports for the Completed Campaigns

Profiles and Targeting Workflows

  • Introduction to the basics of Workflows
  • Introducing Basic Queries
  • Methods of creating simple queries
  • How to Create queries using expressions

Design and Orchestrate Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Overview to Direct Mail Campaign
  • What is Direct Mail Delivery?
  • Overview of Extraction
  • Working with Files and Formats

Advanced Campaigns

  • Defining Events
  • Triggered elements
  • Recurring Campaign and their elements
  • How to use Workflow for Event-triggered Campaigns

Introducing Administration in Adobe Campaign V6

  • Introducing Access Management and Folder Structure in Campaign V6
  • Working with the Adobe Campaign Security Model
  • How to work with and Define Operator Groups
  • Using Access rights
  • Marketing Operations in Adobe Campaign

Social Marketing and Interaction

  • Introduction to Social Publishing for Campaigns Structure
  • How to work with Interaction
  • Concept of Capability and its Classification
  • Methods of Publishing on Facebook
  • Architecture of Campaign Interaction methods
  • Understanding Inbound and Outbound Interactions

Adobe Marketing Cloud integration with Adobe Campaign

  • Introducing Marketing Cloud Solution
  • Integration possibilities with Campaign v6
  • Integrating Adobe Campaign with Core Services of Adobe marketing cloud
  • Adobe Target Integration and implementation
  • Shared Assets Integration and implementation
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