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Distillation of crude oil is the initial process in the refining process sequence and is extremely important for the profitability of the refineries and petrochemical companies. With the growth and need of cleaner fuels, this requirement has grown even more. To effectively create a distillation process, a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of efficient distillation columns operations and implementation strategies for optimization is needed. The crude distillation unit is used for separating the crude oil into various products such as naphtha, kerosene, diesel etc. Thereafter, these products are shipped to the different other processing units in the refinery. Crude oil is initially heated and then put into the distillation column wherein different products boil off and get recovered at different temperatures. Of these products, the light and middle distillates and especially gasoline, kerosene and diesel are high in demand all over the globe.

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This Crude oil distillation in refineries online training course provides comprehensive understanding of both practical and theoretical aspects of the art and science of crude oil distillation. The training will provide the requisite information for smooth operations, capacity and product quality and critically important goals for achieving excellence in the distillation process. After dealing with the fundamentals, the various elements of the distillation process such as process requirements, equipment design, equipment operation, economic objectives interact, etc. will be dealt in detail. The crude oil distillation online training course aims to inculcate the understanding of the operations, control, troubleshooting and revamp of the distillation process and methodologies. Although this course is structured to provide knowledge of the subject from scratch, it is advised that the trainees have a basic knowledge of refining and petrochemical industries to successfully complete this course.

Parameters Of Operations Definition & Significance

  • Material balance in the virtual column
  • Cut point
  • Separation quality
  • Concept of fractionation capability
  • Column pressure manipulation
  • Pressure control
  • Heat balance
  • Reflux
  • Re-boiling ratio
  • Selectivity assessment
  • Internal flow rates profiles
  • Concentration and temperature profiles
  • Concentration peaks

Capability Of Fractionation In An Industrial Distillation Column

  • Parameters of fractionation capability
  • Liquid-vapor internal flow rates
  • Reflux and re-boiling ratios
  • Number of theoretical stages
  • Internal equipment efficiency
  • Position of feedstock inlet according to the feed characteristics
  • Capability of fractionation and energy consumption

Parameters Of Process Control

  • Survey of operating disturbances
  • Origins and causes
  • Process control strategy
  • Optimization targets
  • External or internal reflux control
  • Re-boiling control with flow rates and duty monitoring
  • Material balance control
  • Sensitive tray
  • Temperature control systems
  • Optimization of the heat balance
  • Additional energy through the feed or the re-boiler
  • Low pressure operation and energy savings
  • Implementation of the control systems on the basis of quality measurement
  • Analysis of disturbances due to feed
  • Systems for feed forward control
  • How to implement process control in multi-column trains

Equipment Technology & Troubleshooting

  • Trays
  • Technology
  • Workings
  • High efficiency trays
  • Performance and flexibility
  • Packings and distribution systems
  • Flooding
  • Fouling
  • Mechanical damage and remedies
  • Re-boilers and condensers
  • Implementation and working principles
  • Various control strategies
  • Problems and related origins
  • Possible solutions
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