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This web-based training course on Drilling Engineering functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

A Drilling Engineering course is designed for helping fresh as well as experienced professionals in the field of petroleum, wells, oil and gas. An online training program in drilling engineering is the best way to help employees improve their skills in the most important areas of their engineering profession, including design and development of wells, process and methods of drilling, and effective management of operations involved in their work. This course is keenly focused not to limit itself to excellent theoretical knowledge and information. Besides development of concepts, it builds advanced professional skills that enable candidates to implement their knowledge in the workplace so as to best benefit the organization. Professionals working in a wide range of companies can benefit from Drilling Engineering online training. Some of these include oil and gas companies, national oil companies, project service companies, energy companies, and engineering firms.

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Through completion of drilling engineering training online, employees become adept in every kind of know-how required for delivery of matchless performance in their jobs at oil majors or with drilling contractors. One of the chief aims of the course is to inculcate the ability of constructing wells effectively and efficiently. Moreover, participants of drilling engineering online course are able to perform the key tasks associated with the area, such as design of wells, operations involved in drilling, and management of processes for effective results. The delivery of this course is conducted by experts of this field who have long experience through practical real-time scenarios with reputed companies. The training is provided to learners with an interactive approach for encouragement of curiosity and interest, and includes pragmatic illustrations for preparation of the students to deal with practical tasks and issues in their jobs. Although there is no essential prerequisite for this course, some experience in an oil field will be beneficial to the trainees during the learning process. The candidates should be able to operate a simple hand-held calculator for basic calculations performed in the class.

The Process Involved In Construction Of A Well

  • Aspects of the exploration and production (E & P) process that involve drilling
  • Exploration step involved in building a well
  • Appraisal of the well drilling process
  • Use of drilling for development of a well
  • Introduction to components of a rig
  • Organization of operations carried out during drilling
  • Identification and management of costs associated with a well
  • Concept of AFE

Introduction To Risks, Hazards And The Relevant Methods Of Prevention

  • Methods for risk management
  • A look at the potential hazards associated with drilling
  • Procedures for prevention of loss (mitigation) during drilling hazards

Fundamental Concepts Related To Drilling

  • Different types of sedimentary rocks
  • Properties of different sedimentary rocks
  • Impact of the type of sedimentary rock on the drilling process
  • Concept of formation pressure (hydrostatic, overburden, pore pressure, etc.)
  • Concept of formation fracture gradient
  • Process for prediction of overpressure methods before the drilling process
  • Process for detection of overpressure methods
  • Application of limit test in drilling
  • Application of leak-off test in drilling
  • Understanding the instability of a wellbore
  • Idea of kick and kick tolerance

Introduction To The Preliminary Designing Of Well

  • Understanding the preliminary processes of well drilling (leasing of land, contract procedure, preparation of site, etc.)
  • Components and contributors involved in a well design
  • Different types of fluids
  • Additives used for well drilling
  • Bits employed in well design
  • Different casings used for drilling
  • Various kinds of wellheads
  • Concept of primary cementing
  • Concept of remedial cementing
  • Programming the designing of a well
  • Concept of directional drilling
  • Understanding well paths
  • Surveying of a wellbore
  • Processes associated with the deflection of a well path

Understanding The Processes Of Programming And Drilling

  • Components that make up drilling programming
  • Contributing factors involved with drilling programming
  • Operations associated with drilling programming
  • High-level sequences that operate in drilling
  • Contents that make up a daily report of drilling
  • Problems potentially encountered in drilling programming
  • Understanding methods for prevention of problems
  • Understanding methods for solution of problems
  • Concept of well kicks
  • Calculations carried out in order to kill a well
  • Primary functions performed by a BOP system
  • Differentiation of a blow out from a well control situation

Evaluation And Completion Of A Well Drilling Process

  • Different types of methods for evaluation
  • Different applications of drilling
  • Concept of LWD and Geo-steering
  • Completion schematics
  • Completion string
  • Intelligent completions
  • Abandonment techniques
  • Well suspension
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