Effective Negotiation Skills And Techniques

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This course helps trainees to develop sophisticated negotiating competencies and build a powerful negotiation suitcase. With this course, trainees will learn the impact of culture on effective negotiation, manage an effective negotiation environment, create and adjust plans based on SWOT analysis, analyze communication strengths and challenges, managing emotional pressures, five-step negotiation process model and Base-lining negotiation standards. This course educates trainees to learn efficient and ethical negotiation approaches, forming a negotiation preparation plan, setting the stage for successful negotiation and conducting a principled negotiation. Furthermore, trainees will learn deploying an iterative process, creating efficacy in the negotiation process and delivering ongoing value through positive relationships and reduced stress. There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is beneficial for both fresher and professionals to enhance their learning and skills.

Negotiation Environment

  • Explaining the impact of culture on effective negotiation
  • The range of negotiation styles and practices
  • How to manage an effective negotiation environment?
  • Describing the wise agreement

Psychology Of Successful Negotiation

  • Applying motivation
  • To assess the communication profile of negotiating parties
  • Explaining The impact of beliefs and values
  • To identify Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)
  • To analyze communication strengths and challenges
  • Listening actively for effective negotiation

To Deal With Tough Negotiations

  • Explaining Common tough tactics
  • Intimidation, games and tactics
  • Challenging conventional wisdom on tough tactic effectiveness
  • Explaining principled responses to tough tactics
  • To negotiate tactics for effective outcomes
  • Revealing unprincipled moves and motivations
  • To counter the win/lose mindset
  • Managing emotional pressures

Principled Negotiation

  • Describing Principled negotiation
  • Explaining The five-step negotiation process model
  • Describing Payoffs of principled negotiation
  • Explaining Standards for principled negotiation
  • Base-lining negotiation standards
  • Describing Efficient and ethical negotiation approaches

Planning Wise Negotiation Outcomes

  • Components of a negotiation plan
  • Leveraging the power of BATNA
  • Tailoring your situational approach

Forming A Negotiation Preparation Plan

  • Explaining Balancing of plan components
  • How to craft a negotiation plan?
  • Testing plan feasibility
  • Future proofing your plan

Setting The Stage For Successful Negotiation

  • Anticipating logistical power plays
  • How to build psychological readiness?
  • Explaining Physical fitness for negotiation success

Managing The Negotiation

  • Conducting a principled negotiation
  • To Recognize hidden agendas
  • Making the most of start and stop signals
  • How to know when to Agree, Bargain, Control or Delay (ABCD)?
  • How to sustain positive momentum?

Informal And Formal Negotiations

  • Explaining water-cooler vs. boardroom strategies
  • Gauging the best way to close the deal

Explaining Your Skills In An Authentic Environment

  • Developing AGILE strategies
  • To move from one-to-one to inter-team negotiations
  • To deploy an iterative process
  • Explaining Conducting matrix problem solving

Principled Negotiation

  • To arrive at wise agreements
  • To create efficacy in the negotiation process
  • To deliver ongoing value through positive relationships and reduced stress
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