Enterprise Analysis For Business Analysts

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This course helps trainees to understand the needs of the business, its strategic direction and initiatives that will help the organization to meet its strategic goals. With this training program trainees will learn how to deal with the business problems, to identify the proposed solution is the best solution and detailed analysis of what the solution entails. This course educates trainees about creating a common vision and understanding of corporate goals and objectives. Furthermore, trainees will learn understanding of the business case purpose and contents as well as how to apply data conversion strategy and mapping to existing data. The course is suitable for both the entry-level business analyst as well as for the practicing business analyst, who is seeking a broader perspective and balanced view of their role. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Enterprise Business Analysis

  • The goals of enterprise analysis
  • Positioning Enterprise Business Analysis
  • Strategy required
  • Strategic alignment of investments
  • How to deal with change?
  • Management of benefits
  • Organizational change management
  • Explaining Portfolio management

Enterprise Business Architecture

  • The business ecosystem
  • Explaining the Enterprise Architecture
  • Various concepts of Enterprise Business Architecture
  • How to model the Enterprise?
  • Explaining Business architecture fit within an enterprise architecture
  • Business architecture
  • Application architecture
  • To explain Data architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • The business value of business architecture
  • Various Analysis tools
  • Porter's 5 Forces
  • To evaluate strategic gaps

Value Mapping

  • To understand the business value
  • What is a value proposition?
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • What do your clients want?
  • How well do you deliver what your customers want?
  • The Customer Value Model
  • What is the relationship between price and quality?
  • Value stream mapping: How you deliver value to customers

From Business Model to Blueprint

  • To understand Business architecture and business models
  • To Build the story
  • Applying the Business Blueprint to model the key features of the business

Business Process Management

  • What is a process?
  • Explain Processes and workflow
  • Characterizing processes
  • Adapting the value chain to the business blueprint
  • How to Process classification frameworks?
  • Process mapping and inventory
  • Various Business rules

Capability Mapping

  • What are the competencies and capabilities?
  • Competency analysis process
  • Explaining Core and Non-Core Capabilities
  • What is Capability analysis?
  • How to build a business capability map?
  • to use a business capability map

Organization Mapping

  • To understand organizational structures
  • Various Organization models and strategic priorities
  • How to use an organizational map?
  • Explaining Business interaction tables

Develop the Enterprise Architecture

  • To explain Data and information management
  • Understanding Knowledge management
  • Linking data, processes, and workflows
  • Defining Service-oriented architecture
  • Risks, Rules and Interfaces of the IT Architecture

Enterprise Solutions

  • Explaining the improvement approach
  • The current state
  • Explain Gap analysis
  • Solution planning process
  • Understanding change
  • How to link action to strategy?

Organizational Learning

  • Retrospectives and lessons learned meetings
  • Explaining comprehensive coverage
  • To Learn from the past
  • Learn from the present
  • To Learn for the future
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