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Working with the Hadoop Distributed File System, Apache Flume is a distributed and reliable platform which helps in collecting, consolidating and transferring large quantities of data of logs and events. These data can be sourced from various channels and platforms including database systems, clouds, the web, etc. It works just like the MapReduce data platform for centralized data storage with several other tools and advantages up its sleeve. Apache Flume works through its agents who ingest the incoming or streaming data from the various channels and sources such as avro, thrift, JMS, netcat, syslog etc. This data ingested by the agents are further passed to sink which is the Hadoop Distributed File System. Flume has the ability to integrate several flume agents to allow complicated and integrated workflows by configuring the sources and sinks of the integrated agents. The robust and fault tolerant nature along with the tunable reliability mechanism makes Apache Flume an immensely popular tool for data aggregation and supply. It is simple to use and has an extensible data model allowing online analytical application.

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Course Details

This Apache Flume big data online training course deals with the fundamentals of setting and executing commands through Flume. The course provides in-depth and end-to-end understanding of the various concepts of Flume along with its interactions and integration with the file distributed system of Hadoop. The data flow methods are explained in detail with in-depth understanding of the concept of source and sink in Flume. Through this Apache Flume online training course, the trainees will learn to set up agents and execute commands while defining data flows through the multiple agents defined in case of complicated data flows. Certain advanced features such as Flume interceptors and Flume security features will also be explained in detail for the benefit of the trainees. The course is structured to provide not just theoretical information but also applicative understanding and practical know-how of implementing Flume in data modeling tasks. In order to successfully complete this course, it is recommended that the trainees have basic knowledge of big data and Hadoop.


  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Data flow mode
  • Reliability and Recoverability

Setting up an agent

  • Configuring individual components
  • Wiring the pieces together
  • Data ingestion

Executing commands

  • Network streams

Setting multi-agent flow

  • Consolidation
  • Multiplexing the flow
  • Configuration
  • Defining the flow
  • Configuring individual components
  • Adding multiple flows in an agent

Configuring a multi agent flow

  • Fan out flow
  • Flume Sources
  • Avro Source, Exec Source
  • NetCat Source
  • Sequence Generator Source
  • Syslog Sources
  • Syslog TCP Source
  • Syslog UDP Source
  • Legacy Sources
  • Avro Legacy Source
  • Thrift Legacy Source
  • Custom Source

Flume Sinks

  • HDFS Sink
  • Logger Sink
  • Avro Sink
  • IRC Sink
  • File Roll Sink
  • Null Sink
  • HbaseSinks
  • HbaseSink
  • AsyncHBaseSink
  • Custom Sink

Flume Channels

  • Memory Channel
  • JDBC Channel
  • Recoverable Memory Channel
  • File Channel, Pseudo Transaction Channel
  • Custom Channel
  • Flume Channel Selectors
  • Replicating Channel Selector
  • Multiplexing Channel Selector
  • Custom Channel Selector

Flume Sink Processors

  • Default Sink Processor
  • Failover Sink Processor
  • Load balancing Sink Processor
  • Custom Sink Processor

Flume Interceptors

  • Timestamp Interceptor
  • Host Interceptor
  • Flume Properties
  • Property


  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Handling agent failures
  • Compatibility
  • HDFS
  • AVRO
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