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Automotive infotainment or in-car entertainment is a novel technological and HMI domain which has been on the rise for the past few years and is relatively young. The domain has seen some huge breakthroughs in the recent times and the technological growth in the domain is only to rise in the coming years. Hand's free voice control technologies have been the topic of hot discussions in the recent times owing to the immense capabilities it offers and also the issues surrounding it. Hand's free voice control poses certain issues of driver distraction and risk management which still hasn't been fully resolved and if done will pave the way for immense development and growth in the domain. Currently in the market, a large number of hand's free devices are available and all of them have their own pros and cons with no one device having the requisite capabilities to deliver end-to-end and hassle free hand's free voice control for vehicles. Thus, there is immense scope for development in this field and this hand's free voice control online training course delivers the required amount of knowledge base and information for developing hassle-free hand's free voice control.

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Course Details

This hand's free voice control automotive infotainment online course is structured to deliver end-to-end information of the hand's free voice control development so that the trainees gain the required abilities to develop such systems. The course covers all the different aspects of hand's free voice control management including call's management, voice control management, audio playback implementation, text to speech and speech to text implementation, scheduling and calendar implementation and more. This hand's free voice control online training course for in-car entertainment is structured to not just provide the technical specifications and details but also the required market analysis and operational knowledge to successfully understand the market and deployment capacity of the technology. This course is structured for beginners and all the topics will be taught from the scratch. However, it will be beneficial if the trainees have some basic knowledge of electronics and vehicles to keep pace with the course.

  • History of in-car entertainment and automotive infotainment
  • Growth of hand's free voice control over the years
  • Market implementation of hand's free voice control
  • Introduction to hand's free voice control design
  • Calling through hand's free device
  • Playing audio through hand's free device
  • Giving commands through hand's free device
  • Text to speech implementation in hand's free devices
  • Memory management of hand's free devices
  • Multipoint implementation
  • Connecting with multiple phones simultaneously
  • A2DP streaming through devices
  • Implementing GPS application through hands-free devices
  • Audio processing and clarity in hand's free devices
  • Background noise reduction in hand's free technologies
  • Power installation: battery implementation or power chord
  • Integrating HMI
  • Syncing schedules and contacts
  • Voice notes implementation
  • Real time synchronization and alignment
  • Security implementation and features
  • Understanding IT encryption standards for the hands free devices
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