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Haptic or tactile feedback is the use of advanced vibration patterns and waveforms which can be used to convey information to the users or operators which in our case will be the drivers. These tactile feedback implementations depend on the touch response of the drivers. Historically, audio and visual alerts have been used in automotive systems for driver alert but now haptic feedback is gaining popularity and is popularly known as vibration feedback. However, there is a difference between haptic feedback and vibration feedback. In case of vibration feedback, the microcontroller does not take into consideration the vibration wave-form; the haptic feedback essentially makes use of the variation in vibration patterns as defined by the microcontroller. Haptic feedback inherently improves the driver experience and provides immense human machine interaction without the hassle of growing noises of audio or distraction of visuals. Haptic feedback delivers increased driver concentration on the road while also delivering the requisite driver feedback without any hassles. A simple example of haptic driver feedback is its implementation in reversing a car where different vibration lengths or waveforms will signify the varying distance of the car from any object behind the car.

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The haptic driver technology training provides the requisite amount of knowledge for developing effective haptic driver feedback systems. The aim of this course is not just to deliver the required technology information but also to develop an intuitive understanding of the domain so the trainees will be able to develop effective human machine interaction models which will be beneficial in the driver's operations. Further, this Haptic Driver technology training for automotive infotainment provides knowledge base of all possible haptic technology elements including actuators, motors, sensors and more to effectively build a haptic hardware system. The course also covers the software end of the design and development process of haptic devices including algorithm development, wave form mechanics, input parameters and more. This course has no pre-requisites and can be taken up by professionals or beginners who wish to work in the domain.

Introduction to Haptic technology

  • Understanding wave forms and vibration patterns
  • Differentiation between Haptic and vibration alert
  • Application of Haptic technology in Automotive systems
  • Vibration components and elements
  • Vibration motors
  • Piezoelectric haptic drivers
  • Linear resonant actuators
  • Electronic circuit design
  • Dedicated Haptic driver chip design
  • Touch on metal buttons
  • Capacitive touch operated automated lights
  • Automotive TFT LCD display
  • Resistive dual touch display design
  • Multi-drive board for ERM and LRA feedback
  • Haptic response algorithms
  • Haptic evaluation modules
  • Understanding wave forms for different purposes
  • Wave form for different alerts
  • Understanding ergonomics of drivers
  • Developing waveforms on the basis of ergonomics
  • Minimizing driver distraction
  • Optimizing driver alert levels
  • Developing software system for the Haptic device
  • Developing feedback system for the Haptic device
  • Optimizing and streamlining driver input
  • Market analysis for haptic technology in the vehicle systems
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