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This web-based training course on MOBILE DEVICE SECURITY AND ETHICAL HACKING functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

The rise and spread of mobile computing hand held devices has been sudden and widespread. Mobiles and such hand held devices are no longer the tools of the upper echelons and technocrats, but an essential requirement of consumers worldwide. To a great extent have they replaced the personal computer and this brings not just convenience but also security issues to the consumer's world. A cyber and network oriented attack which effects mobile computing devices at a large scale is as scary as unimaginable it sounds. As the mobile computing devices are becoming storage places of critical and sensitive data, the wireless technologies on which they work provide a playing ground for such attackers which work to penetrate networks. Mobile device security systems involve the skills and understanding of the various strengths and weaknesses of the mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows etc.

This Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking online course provides the trainees with an in-depth knowledge of evaluating the various security loopholes and weaknesses in the mobile computing software systems and also third party applications. Methodologies of bypassing platform encryption and manipulating android applications for circumventing obfuscation techniques will be taught in detail. This Mobile Device Security online training focuses on automated and manual mobile application analysis tools for performing various risk analysis and their mitigation. Completing this online mobile device security training, you can expect to seek and identify the loopholes and deficiencies in mobile app network traffic, file system storages and inter-app communication channels as well. Understanding the data exposure and accessing threats which effect android and iOS devices is capability you will leave with. This mobile security certification course has no pre-requisites and can be taken up by any professional or beginner.

Analysis Of Various Mobile Device Platforms

  • Management Models Of Ios And Android Permissions
  • Weaknesses Of Code Signing In Android
  • Inter-Application Channels Of Communication In Ios
  • Execution Of Android App: Android Runtime Vs. Android Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Security Benefits Of Android Marshmallow

Wearable Devices And Platforms

  • Isolation Of Application And Sharing Of Data Through The Apple Watch
  • Android Wear Apps Network Connectivity
  • Watchos Data Exfiltration
  • Wearable Device Authentication Controls Weaknesses
  • Android Wear And Storage Encryption Deficiencies
  • Fitbit And Tizen Evaluation

Tools Of Mobile Device Lab Analysis

  • Emulators Of Ios And Android
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Tools Usage
  • Using Ios Simulator For Application Testing

Threats Of Mobile Device Malwares

  • Mobile Device Malware Trends And Popularity
  • Command And Control Architecture
  • Android Ransomware Malware Threats Efficiency
  • How Ios Malware Target Non-Jailbroken Devices
  • Analysis Of Android Malwares
  • Mobile Malware Defenses

Unlocking, Rooting And Jailbreaking Mobile Devices

  • Legal Issues Involving Rooting And Jailbreaking
  • Jailbreaking In Ios Using Fuxi Qin
  • Accessing Android Root Using Unlocked Bootloaders
  • Root Exploits In Android
  • Debugging And Rooting Android Wear
  • Using A Rooted Or Jailbroken Device

Architecture Of Mobile Phone Data Storage And File System

  • Data Storage In Mobile Devices
  • File System Structure Of Mobile Device
  • Decoding Of Sensitive Data In Database Files On Ios And Android
  • Data Extraction From Android Backups
  • Use Of File System Artifacts In Location Disclosure Attacks Beyond GPS Coordinates
  • Attacks Against Password Management Apps

Monitoring Of Network Activity

  • Monitoring Of Mobile Application And Extraction Of Data
  • Ios Cellular/4G Network Traffic Capturing
  • Transparent Network Proxying
  • Manipulation Of Data Capture
  • Files And Sensitive Content Through Network Captures
  • Sensitive Data Recovery From Popular Cloud Storages

Analysis Of Static Application

  • Analyzing Ios And Android Apps Through Reverse Engineering
  • De-Compilation Of Android Applications
  • Circumventing Ios App Encryption Using Dumpdecrypted And Rasticrac
  • Analysis Of Header And Disassembly Of Objective-C
  • Ios Disassembly Use Hopper And IDA Pro
  • Swift Ios Apps And Reverse Engineering

Systems Of Automated Application Analysis

  • Vulnerability Analysis Of Ios Application With Idb
  • Header Analysis Of Structured Ios Application
  • Ios Application And API Use With Snoop-It
  • Android Application Analysis Using Androwarn
  • Android Application Interaction And Intent Manipulation Using Drozer

Behavior Manipulation Of Applications

  • Ios Application Manipulation Using Cycript
  • Swizzling Ios Method
  • Manipulation Of Android Application Using Apktool
  • Dalvik Bytecode Reading And Modification

Mobile Devices Fingerprinting

  • Passive Analysis
  • Active Scanning
  • Inspection Of Applications

Mapping Of Wireless Network Probe

  • Network Probing Activity Monitoring
  • Network Discovery And Search Visualization
  • Wireless Anonymity Attacks
  • Ios And Android Wireless Network Scanning Properties Usage

Non-Enterprise Wireless Attacks

  • Scanning And Assessment Of Wireless Network
  • Weak Wireless Infrastructure Exploitation
  • Mobile Device Network Scanning Monitoring
  • "Google Wifi" And Ipad Or Iphone Captive Portal Detections
  • Network Impersonation

Enterprise Wireless Security Attacks

  • Impersonation Of Certificates And Mobile Devices
  • Enterprise Wireless Authentication Manipulation
  • RADIUS Server Impersonation

Attacks Of Network Manipulation

  • Man-In-The-Middle Tools Against Mobile Devices
  • Sniffing, Modifying, And Dropping Packets As Mitm
  • Data Injection Attacks In Mobile Application

Sidejacking Attacks

  • Mobile Applications Vulnerability To Sidejacking
  • Sidejacking Usage In A Penetration Test
  • Exploitation Of Popular Mobile Applications

SSL/TLS Attacks

  • HTTPS Transactions With Mitm Attacks
  • TLS Impersonation And Ios Mail.App For Password Creation
  • Mitm Tools With Burp Suite Integration

Client Side Injection (CSI) Attacks

  • Android Webview And Javascript Injection For Remote Code Execution
  • Using Session Cookies Through Android Browser Vulnerabilities With Metasploit
  • Spec.Js Library In Mobile Browser Vulnerability Detection And Exploit Delivery

Attacks On Web Framework

  • Site Impersonation
  • Application Cross-Site Scripting Exploits
  • Manipulation And Control Of Browser From Remote
  • Leakage Detection Of Data And Its Analysis
  • Attacks On Mobile Banking Apps

Support Attacks For Back-End Application

  • SQL Injection In Mobile Application Frameworks
  • Client-Side Injection Attacks

With the pace at which mobile computing devices are evolving and spreading all over the globe, the security threats and possibilities are also increasing consistently. Consequently, the security measures and mitigation methodologies should also improve. This mobile security online course does just that by creating professionals who will be highly sought after in the market of mobile computing security and ethical hacking in terms of hand held devices. All hand held device manufacturers without exception make use of such expert professionals to make their devices inherently secure and attack proof. This course is highly recommended for application developers and security professionals wishing to make a career in the domain.

1. Are lab-sessions available after theory sessions?

We provide online lab facilities to all our students, wherever possible & applicable, using a combination of one or more options, including global ASP setups, live-environments, real-time simulations, training-videos, PPTs, Screenshots and others.

2. Who and how qualified are the instructors?

All our instructors go through a rigorous and multiple processes of filtering and selection before they are appointed by us. Only the most qualified, most experienced and best suited candidates are chosen as instructors.

3.What are the machine requirements for the course?

You must have a fairly good desktop PC or laptop. You can even access these courses on your tabs or smart phones. For PCs and laptops the configuration should be at-least an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of RAM and 50 to 100 GB of free hard disk space. You must also have a good and steady WiFi internet connection which works at 3G or 4G speeds.

4.How will I undergo practical training in the course?

Depending on the type of lab facilities available for the course you have enrolled in for our instructor would be happy to help you in your lab sessions.

5.What is the process to get my questions/queries answered?

Get in touch with your trainer. You can also consult your batch-mates. We believe in collaborative and practical learning.

6.Can a free demo session be provided?

We do not provide free demo sessions.

7.Will there be a provision for repetition if I miss a class?

We encourage our trainees to attend all sessions. If you have missed a session we will try out best to update you on it, if possible. Else you will need to pay a small fee to have a repeat session arranged specifically for you.

8.Does your organization provide assistance in job hunting?

We are connected across the industry in India and abroad. We will pass on any job openings from our customer to our trainees. But we are not a manpower placement provider.

9.How and where can I make the payment?

You can pay using any credit or debit card in India or abroad. You can also pay using your PayPal account.

10. Will practice material or tests be also provided with the course?

Yes. As required & as applicable.

11.What is the minimum or maximum batch size?

Minimum/maximum batch sizes vary from course to course, depending upon a number of factors. It can vary from as few as 2 to as many as a few hundred, in some cases. But that number does not impact the quality of training that we deliver due to our tight quality-control mechanisms.

All trainees will be provided with a course participation and completion certificate by Aurelius Corporate Solutions. Please note, we are an independent provider of learning solutions. We are not affiliated in any manner to any company or organization.

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