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Java Programming

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems with James Gosling in the lead, JAVA is probably one of the most versatile and most used languages of the present generation. Java is claimed to be a "write once run anywhere language and has proved these words effectively till now." Few features of java make it extremely unique and powerful of which Object oriented programming and it being platform independent are the most important. With JAVA you can effectively implement the concept of OOPS through your codes and your script is absolutely independent of the machine you are working on unlike many other languages.

Java also proves to be extremely simple and secure to architect virus free and tamper free systems. Using just-in-time compilers it provides high performance and dynamic systems which can adapt to the evolving environment. Another unique feature of JAVA is its compile time error-checking and runtime-checking which makes it so robust and provides quick error elimination. The JAVA Bytecode translates on the fly to the native machine instructions without getting stored anywhere making the analytics fast and light weight.

The latest release of JAVA is that of JAVA standard edition 8 having a number of new features added to it keeping in mind the contemporary technological trends. Due to the widespread use and popularity of JAVA a number of its Configurations are available which have been created to suit the various platforms. J2EE is being used for Enterprise applications, J2ME is being used for Mobile applications and more. These J2 versions are named as JAVA SE, JAVA EE and JAVA ME.

This capsule course of JAVA is a highly intensive course spread out over a time period of 4 hours and covers the most essential parts of JAVA with its applicative use. The course covers the elementary parts of JAVA including the syntax and concepts involved. It also provides subsurface knowledge of more advanced concepts and how they can be applied in various domains. It will be beneficial if the trainees have a very basic knowledge of what JAVA is and its syntax so that they may focus more on the advanced concepts.

  • Introduction to JAVA
  • The JAVA Syntax
  • Object oriented programming features
  • Creating object-oriented Java applications
  • Decision-making and loop constructs
  • Implementing decision making and loop constructs
  • Implementing collection framework
  • Implementing error handling and IO functionality
  • Manipulating files, directories and file system
  • Creating data-centric applications with JDBC
  • Processing strings with regular expressions
  • Implementing Multi-threading and Localization

Java is one of the most popular languages being used today in the entire IT world with its application in almost all possible domains. It is the core language which is being used for android app development and is also extensively used for back-end development. The JAVA script is being extensively used in all known domain of not just IT but also finance and management in the industry. Having a strong foundation in JAVA and knowledge about its advanced concepts will make sure you have the correct career trajectory. It is also one of the easiest coding languages to learn if you are planning to begin coding. Knowledge of JAVA programming is one of the most essential steps to take if you plan to make a career in the field of information technology.

1. Are lab-sessions available after theory sessions?

We provide online lab facilities to all our students, wherever possible & applicable, using a combination of one or more options, including global ASP setups, live-environments, real-time simulations, training-videos, PPTs, Screenshots and others.

2. Who and how qualified are the instructors?

All our instructors go through a rigorous and multiple processes of filtering and selection before they are appointed by us. Only the most qualified, most experienced and best suited candidates are chosen as instructors.

3.What are the machine requirements for the course?

You must have a fairly good desktop PC or laptop. You can even access these courses on your tabs or smart phones. For PCs and laptops the configuration should be at-least an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of RAM and 50 to 100 GB of free hard disk space. You must also have a good and steady WiFi internet connection which works at 3G or 4G speeds.

4.How will I undergo practical training in the course?

Depending on the type of lab facilities available for the course you have enrolled in for our instructor would be happy to help you in your lab sessions.

5.What is the process to get my questions/queries answered?

Get in touch with your trainer. You can also consult your batch-mates. We believe in collaborative and practical learning.

6.Can a free demo session be provided?

We do not provide free demo sessions.

7.Will there be a provision for repetition if I miss a class?

We encourage our trainees to attend all sessions. If you have missed a session we will try out best to update you on it, if possible. Else you will need to pay a small fee to have a repeat session arranged specifically for you.

8.Does your organization provide assistance in job hunting?

We are connected across the industry in India and abroad. We will pass on any job openings from our customer to our trainees. But we are not a manpower placement provider.

9.How and where can I make the payment?

You can pay using any credit or debit card in India or abroad. You can also pay using your PayPal account.

10. Will practice material or tests be also provided with the course?

Yes. As required & as applicable.

11.What is the minimum or maximum batch size?

Minimum/maximum batch sizes vary from course to course, depending upon a number of factors. It can vary from as few as 2 to as many as a few hundred, in some cases. But that number does not impact the quality of training that we deliver due to our tight quality-control mechanisms.

All trainees will be provided with a course participation and completion certificate by Aurelius Corporate Solutions. Please note, we are an independent provider of learning solutions. We are not affiliated in any manner to any company or organization.

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