Non-Connected PND Devices

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Personal Navigation devices are hand-held or portable devices which are specially built for running road navigation applications. These devices come embedded with GNSS technology and are only comparable to hand held phones with the same technology. Non-connected personal navigation devices have been gaining popularity in the recent times only because of the growing smart-phone navigation systems which were rivaling the earlier used connected PND devices. The non-connected PND devices now come with various more integrated functionalities such as mobile hands-free systems, multimedia player gaming, external application support, travel utilities and much more. Most such PND devices contain voice control and voice instruction capabilities keeping into consideration least possible driver distraction. The advantages of PND over in-vehicle and smart-phone navigation devices is their easy availability and cost effectiveness. Additionally, PNDs can be easily upgraded and substituted to better levels. Generally such devices have updated information about roads, speed limits, and even real time traffic control feedback. To store all these information, the PNDs make use of various forms of memory storage technologies such as secure digital card or compact flash card.

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In this Non-connected PND Devices Automotive Infotainment online training course, end-to-end information and training is provided about the design, development, growth and scope of personal navigation devices from the perspective of an organization wishing to enter the market. The course covers not just the technical aspects but also the market situations and market growth in the domain along with the competition that PND devices face from other navigation technologies. With respect to the technological aspects, the various technical elements of telematics and vector navigation will be taught in detail through this non-connected PND devices training program. The focus will be on the automotive infotainment application procedures and several hands-on exercises and practical training sessions will be conducted for designing not just the hardware but also the software-end of personal navigation devices. To successfully complete this course, basic understanding of electronics and vehicles will suffice.

  • Introduction to personal navigation solutions
  • Car OEM in-dash navigation comparison
  • Aftermarket in-dash infotainment and navigation systems comparison
  • Introduction to Personal Navigation Devices
  • Smartphones and mobile phones as compared to PNDs
  • Tablets, phablets and wearable devices as compared to PNDs
  • The various PND categories and segments
  • Introducing Car navigation PNDs
  • Embedded PNDs implementation
  • Multimode and rugged PNDs for automotive infotainment
  • Truck and recreational vehicle PNDs in vehicles
  • Telematics solutions for PNDs
  • Navigation app distribution channels and business models
  • Handset navigation app business models
  • Penetration of Vehicle fleets and navigation system
  • The European passenger car market
  • The North American passenger car and light truck market
  • Map data and content providers for PNDs
  • Digital map data and image for PNDs
  • Traffic information services implementation for PNDs
  • RDS-TMC services for PNDs
  • The TPEG standard as used in PNDs
  • Market developments in the domain
  • Speed camera warning devices and database management
  • Navigation software development and design
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