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NoSQL database storage methods are fast gaining popularity and pace in the big world of Big Data. With several NoSQL databases such as Cassandra DB and MongoDB providing immense data handling and storage capabilities, NoSQL databases can prove be to a game changer in the field of big data management. Using Hadoop and its MapReduce technology as the key algorithm for processing data, the integration of NoSQL databases with the said big data technologies can provide immense organizational and business advantages in terms of data storage and processing. NoSQL databases provide a number of database backup strategies, scalability options and availability features of data stored. Further, the various methods of data guidance in database workloads and feature selections are provided through NoSQL databases for big data management. Using NoSQL approach, applications can be designed, built, launched and further scaled to be deployed on different platforms. The convergence of big data and NoSQL can provide immense capabilities and possibilities of data manipulation and governance.

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Through this Big Data NoSQL online training course, the trainees will be taught about the basic characteristics of big data and the NoSQL data model. Focus will be on the value and advantages of adopting NoSQL systems for big data management and how open source, virtualization, cloud computing and social media can be leveraged to achieve better results of data manipulation. The NoSQL database big data online course provides applicative knowledge apart from the theory of the subject for implementing NoSQL systems on different platforms and tools. The course also covers an overview of the shift of big data towards NoSQL and its implications. The trainees will be further taught about the various methods of viewing and understanding database workloads and technologies involved and consequently selecting the best possible database technology. To successfully complete this course, it is advised that the trainees have a prior basic understanding of NoSQL Database systems and big data to keep pace with the course.


  • History of traditional relational databases
  • The best practices
  • Current state of NoSQL
  • Future trends and prospects of NoSQL
  • recognizing the Big Data players
  • Current vendor landscape and products
  • Adopting Big Data and its maturity level


  • Comparing NoSQL relational database technology
  • Key-Value store
  • Database architecture
  • Document oriented database architecture
  • Graph database implementation
  • Columnar database implementation
  • How to use NoSQL databases and (dis)advantages of using them.


  • Introduction to the MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Database architecture of MongoDB and Cassandra
  • Data modeling in MongoDB and Cassandra
  • How to install databases in environments such as Windows, Linux
  • Working on the Cloud
  • Basic administration methodologies
  • Advanced querying techniques
  • Indexing methodologies in Mongo DB and Cassandra
  • schema design
  • Mongo's sharding approach
  • Backup and recovery methods
  • Performance analysis and monitoring methods
  • Building applications with the databases


  • How to integrate NoSQL with Hadoop
  • Analytics and ETL with NoSQL structures
  • Extracting ,Transforming, and Load
  • Loading and saving data against NoSQL database
  • MapReduce integration


  • How to design a NoSQL database for processing
  • Handling large data streams
  • Choosing the correct schema design
  • Indexing strategies for optimizing writes
  • Efficient querying and retrieval methods


  • Introducing data backup strategies
  • How to implement a backup strategy.


  • Different scaling options with NoSQL
  • How to use clustering methods
  • How to use sharding methods
  • How to scale capacities up or down

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