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Oil and gas production and completion involves the understanding and implementation of an integrated production system for hydrocarbon assets. Several oil well completion design concepts and fundamentals are included in the domain along with the various technical selection criteria for effective completion of petroleum and oil/gas projects. Apart from the basics and fundamentals, the domain also deals with the operations viewpoint wherein well completion and well production management is included. To successfully work as a production and completion professional in the domain of petroleum engineering, one should know how well completion activities fit in the E&P exercise. The various hydrocarbon exploitation considerations needed for well productivity and completion design are of paramount importance while describing the parameters which influence the well performance and productivity. Additionally, the factors influencing the selection and design of "completion and string and components" are also of importance along with the calculation of main economy indicators.

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Course Details

In this oil and gas production and completion engineering online training course, the entire well completion planning and design process cycle is explained in detail along with the various hydrocarbon exploitation considerations for the well completion design. The various inflow systems and productivity aspects and effects are explored. The trainees will be taught to assess the flowing well performance along with the inculcation of tubing and connector selection capabilities. The petroleum completion and production engineering online training course includes group exercise and practical lab sessions on completion designs along with introduction to the new developments in the domain. The course also explores the economic components related to well interventions. To successfully complete this course, it is recommended that the trainees have some basic experience in the subsurface engineering, operations and management in the E&P industry.

Chapter 1

  • Overview of the domain
  • Introduction to Well Completions and Performance
  • The various Well Completion Methods
  • Understanding the Five Reservoir Fluids
  • The Driving Mechanisms involved in Completions and productions
  • Understanding Inflow Performance Relationship

Chapter 2

  • Gas Deliverability issues
  • Gas Deliverability practical Exercises
  • Understanding Multi-phase flow in Pipes
  • Understanding Choke Performance characteristics
  • Nodal Analysis of the design and systems
  • Introducing completions in petroleum engineering
  • Casing Suspension design
  • Tubing Selection criteria and understanding

Chapter 3

  • Working with Tubing Connections
  • Working with Packers
  • Understanding Packers Selection criterias
  • Explaining Wellheads and X-mas Trees
  • Working with Upper Completion Accessories
  • Safety Valves and their implementations

Chapter 4

  • Understanding Gas Well Completions strategies
  • Running Completions in an effective manner
  • Sand Control strategies
  • Working with Multilaterals

Chapter 5

  • Sub-Sea Architectures and their advantages
  • Artificial Lift Methods as used in production and completion
  • Economics in Well Intervention as implemented
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