Ray Tracing And Illumination With Petrel

This web-based training course on Ray tracing and illumination with Petrel functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

Petrel is a software tool which is used in the petroleum exploration and production industry. Through this software tool, seismic data can be interpreted and well correlations can be performed building and simulating reservoir models. Volumes can be calculated and maps can be produced for design development strategies for maximizing reservoir exploitation. The software tool further provides risk and un-certainty assessment throughout the reservoir lifecycle. The latest version of petrel released in 2010 contains major enhancements and a new structural modeling workflow which provides the users with the ability to build water tight structural models. Several other enhancements including fracture modeling, multipoint geostatistics and the volume interpretation overflow is also included in this version. Petrel also comes with the option of including several plugins which can be downloaded from the online stores such as The Ocean Store. The Petrel RTI or Ray tracing and Illumination tool comprises of a full range of acquisition, quality control, survey design and imaging tasks which can be used for developing different methods, create synthetic data, illuminate targets, derive results in seismic survey design and process/image workflows with respect to E&P industry.

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Course Details

This Ray Tracing and Illumination with Petrel online training course provides explanations for the different models and methods of implementing Petrel RTI for tracing rays and recognizing the methods to be used in various situations. The trainees will learn to create and import commonly used acquisition configurations into RTI and also trace and display rays in Petrel RTI using various different methods. All the different methods of ray manipulation such as ray shooting, two-points ray tracing, offset ray tracing and opening angle ray shooting are included in this Petrel RTI online training course. Completing this Petrel RTI course, trainees will have the requisite expertise of creating synthetic datasets, illumination maps and also validate models with the help of checkshot ray shooting and be able to estimate survey acquisition parameters. To successfully complete this course it is advised that the trainees have familiarity with the key concepts of seismic survey design, acquisition and processing methodologies.

Understanding the Geometry layout and ray tracing methodologies

  • How to Navigate the Petrel RTI interface
  • Understanding the many ray tracing methods as used in Petrel RTI
  • Understanding acquisition geometries (Offshore, Onshore, VSP) in Petrel RTI
  • How to Trace and display rays in Petrel RTI with the ray shooting method
  • Introducing the Petrel RTI interface and describing the project tree
  • Project management with Petrel RTI
  • How to Create acquisition geometries with RTI plugin
  • How to Create acquisition geometries with SSD plugin
  • Editing stations in Petrel
  • Working with Scripts (pattern, area, circular, all live, VSP)
  • Performing Streamer surveys
  • How to Import and export surveys (SPS, SEG-P1, Omega DIO, P1/90, OMNI 3D)
  • Working with Volcan models
  • Understanding the general ray tracing concepts (ray signatures, ray cones, ray tubes, etc.)
  • Hands on with the ray tracing methods available in Petrel RTI
  • Ray tracing experiments (ray shooting method)
  • Understanding Ray attributes
  • Working with Ray filters

Implementing Ray tracing methods and their usage

  • How to Trace and display rays in Petrel RTI with offset, two-points, and opening angle ray shooting ray tracing
  • How to create rose plots
  • How to create synthetic datasets
  • Working with the earth model using checkshot ray shooting
  • Experimenting with Ray tracing (offset, two-points and opening angle ray shooting methods)
  • Creating and working with rose plots
  • How to display the ray spreadsheet and exporting ray data
  • How to generate synthetic datasets in Petrel RTI
  • How to display synthetic datasets with Petrel PSI plugin
  • Working with Checkshot ray shooting
  • Performing Plot visualization

Some Advanced applications of Petrel RTI

  • How to create illumination maps
  • Using ray tracing results for estimating survey design parameters
  • Using Petrel RTI in data processing and imaging tasks
  • Working with Petrel RTI in salt proximity evaluation
  • Understanding wave equation illumination
  • How to Target horizon illumination
  • The various Illumination analysis attributes
  • How to create an illumination analysis
  • Developing an Illumination spectrum
  • Understanding and working with Migration aperture
  • How to Interactively display rays and illumination points
  • Methods of Evaluating salt proximity
  • How to perform wave equation illumination
  • Understanding Tomography CIP DIFF ray tracing QC
  • VIP optimized stacking of tiles
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