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SAP plant management is a widely used software tool which provides various capabilities of maintaining activities in plants and warehouses of the organization. It provides numerous features and possibilities for meeting the individual business requirements of the organizations through an extremely user friendly user interface which is uniform and interactive. SAP PM allows all the data and functions of maintenance in an organization to be completely inter-connected and integrated. This is allowed through the openness of the R/3 system which enables the usability of external systems integrated with the plant management elements, such as GIS (Graphical information systems), CAD (Computer Aided Design Systems) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). SAP PM allows various unique capabilities of plant management such as automating the processes of performing facility repairs and maintenance requests. The overall maintenance of business processes and functions can be implemented with ease, including identification, documentation and correction of failures and degradation of assets.

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This SAP Plant Management online training course begins with the fundamental aspects and theories of plant management and maintenance and further connects it with SAP PM as to how such theories and concepts can be implemented through the tool. The trainees will gain inherent knowledge of performing various activities through SAP PM including inspection, preventive maintenance, repair and more. The course also explores the various methods through which SAP PM can be integrated with other modules of SAP including SAP PM, SAP SD, SAP FICO and more. In SAP PM, data is always kept current and the various different processes necessary for SAP PM are executed and triggered automatically in PM and other modules as well. This SAP Plant Management online training program includes not just the theoretical aspects of the domain but also provides in-depth applicative understanding of the tool which can be leveraged to solve real world problems. This particular course has no pre-requisite but knowledge of SAP ERP at a basic level will be added advantage for trainees to successfully complete this course.

Organization of SAP Plant Maintenance

  • Introduction to the EAM Processes and SAP Solution Portfolio
  • Introduction to the SAP User Interfaces and Roles
  • How to Execute Maintenance Tasks using NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)
  • How to check Organizational Levels in Plant Maintenance

Technical Objects and their implementations in SAP

  • How to Check Functional Locations
  • How to Manage Equipment
  • Working with the Linear Asset Management (LAM)
  • Assigning Bills of Material (BOMs) to Technical Objects

Methods of Breakdown Maintenance

  • How to Plan Breakdown Maintenance
  • How to Process a Breakdown Maintenance Order

Corrective Maintenance Procedures in SAP

  • Outlining Corrective Maintenance
  • The Various Methods of Processing External Services
  • How to Create Notifications of Maintenance Requirements
  • How to Create Maintenance Orders
  • How to Plan Maintenance Orders
  • Methods of Planning Maintenance Orders for Operation Account Assignment (OAA)
  • Methods of Selecting Maintenance Orders
  • How to Plan Maintenance Orders
  • Techniques of Scheduling Maintenance
  • How to Execute Maintenance Tasks with SAP GUI
  • How to complete Notifications and Orders
  • Ways to confirm and Technically Complete an Order
  • How to Create a Shift Report

Refurbishment of Spare Parts

  • Prerequisites in Materials Management (MM)
  • How to Refurbish Spare Parts Internally
  • How to Refurbish Spare Parts Externally

Preventive Maintenance Techniques

  • Methods of Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Task List Checking
  • Creation of Maintenance Plans
  • How to schedule Maintenance Plans

Project-Oriented Maintenance Techniques

  • Introduction to Project-Oriented Maintenance

Processes for SAP Enterprise Asset Management

  • Introduction to Mobile Applications for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM)
  • How to use Visual Enterprise Documents
  • Understanding Basic Maintenance Processing
  • Introduction to Pool Asset Management (PAM)
  • Introduction to SAP Work Clearance Management (WCM)
  • How to Apply Worker Safety

Methods of creating Reports and Analysis of Information for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

  • How to Analyze Maintenance History with the Logistic Information System (LIS)
  • Evaluation of Plant Maintenance with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • Introduction to Rapid Deployment Solutions in EAM Analytics

SAP Enterprise Asset Management Customizing Implementation

  • Outlining SAP Enterprise Asset Management Customizing Implementation
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