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SAP PS or SAP Project Systems is a leading tool for integrated project management and planning and is widely used in various global organizations all across the world. SAP PS consists of several tools and features which can be inherently used for planning projects such as tools for cost and budget planning, scheduling tools, tools for requisitioning materials and tools for providing and planning different services. SAP PS can be integrated with all the different modules of the SAP systems and further support all the SAP projects in an organization. To effectively plan, schedule, collect and generate revenue and expenditure reports throughout the period of project, SAP PS can be used at all levels. With constant and real time access to all the data available in different departments of the various modules of SAP, processing data for creating effective reports and models for project management becomes an easy task. As a part of the SAP ERP module, SAP PS has a very interactive and user friendly GUI which is easy to use and implement.

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This SAP Project Systems online training course provides in-depth understanding of the SAP ERP systems, navigating techniques and working with the GUI of the SAP PS module along with fundamental understanding of the theories working behind the module. There will be detailed exploration of the conceptualization phases of budgeting and project structuring which includes network elements and break down structures. The trainees will gain knowledge of budgeting, cost planning methods and milestones as implemented through SAP PS. This SAP Project systems Business Process online course also provides information of working with resources in project stocks and project systems along with material behavior methods and scheduling. Additionally, integration of SAP PS with the other different modules of SAP will be dealt with for the benefit of the trainees. Though this SAP PS training program has no pre-requisites, having a basic understanding of SAP ERP systems will help the trainees in effectively completing this course.

Introduction to Project Management with SAP Project Systems

  • Description of Project Management with SAP Project Systems (SAP PS)

Working with Project Structures

  • Introduction to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • How to create Work Breakdown Structures
  • Introduction to Networks
  • Methods of creating Networks
  • Methods of applying Documents, Milestones, and Mass Change
  • Methods of Exporting and Importing Projects

Working with Reports

  • Introduction to Reporting Options in the SAP Project System
  • How to analyze Projects using the Structure of Information System
  • How to analyze Projects using Financial Reports
  • Methods of executing Cost Object Summarization
  • Introduction to Report Options in SAP Business Client

The Various Project Plans in SAP PS

  • How to check Projects with the Project Planning Board
  • How to plan Dates in WBS Elements
  • Scheduling Networks in SAP PS
  • Methods of Planning Resources with Networks
  • How to Generate Requirements for Externally Processed Activities
  • How to Schedule Multiple Resources (MRSs)
  • Planning Materials using Networks
  • Planning Costs for WBS
  • Planning Costs for Networks
  • Planning Revenue for Projects

Planning and working with Project Budgets in SAP PS

  • Budgeting Projects in SAP PS
  • How to integrate Investment Management using SAP Project Systems

Project Execution techniques in SAP PS

  • Methods of entering Actual Dates for WBS Elements
  • How to confirm Actual Dates for Networks
  • How to post Documents to WBS Elements with Execution Services
  • How to create Claims for Projects
  • Methods of posting Documents to Networks
  • How to bill Projects with Milestone Billing

Period-End Closing techniques

  • Introduction to Period-End Closing
  • Execution of Period-End Closing Procedures

Extended Usability for SAP Project Systems

  • Activation of Tools for Project Systems Management
  • Administration of Large Projects
  • Techniques of Tracking Projects
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