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SAP SNC or SAP Supply Network Collaboration is an extremely important component of the SAP SCM module. Earlier known as SAP ICH, the module has been enhanced with the growing collaborative environment to provide immense capabilities of collaborating with the suppliers which extends beyond inventory collaborations. With SAP SNC, the supplier does not need a particular electronic data interchange infrastructure in order to integrate the supply network of SNC making this solution entirely practical and effective for companies of all sizes and shapes. SAP SNC only needs a web browser with internet access on the supplier side and we are good to go. Serving as an integrated platform for business partners involved in inventory collaboration processing. Being a key area of the SCM solution of SAP, SAP SNC supports the entire collaborative planning along with exchanging documents between customers and suppliers. SAP SNC supports both collaborative business process Supplier managed inventory and vendor managed inventory. In a nutshell, SAP SNC provides a common platform for controlling and monitoring process for the replenishment procedures of the materials.

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Through this SAP Supply network collaboration online training course, the various important aspects of supply chain such as update of inventory. The course focuses on not just the theoretical elements of the tool but also the practical and applicative elements such as understanding the supply flow process and how bottle necks are created in these supply flows. The SAP SNC online course is delivered through expert instructors having immense experience in the industry which will provide you with the knowledge of interpreting metrics needed to resolve the issues and overcome obstacles. The course is structured keeping in mind the contemporary requirements of the industry and how the supply chain management works at both global and local levels. A perfect amalgam of theory and practice is included in the course with extensive practical experience and theory. The course has no pre-requisites but a basic understanding of the SAP ERP system will be an added advantage for successfully completing this course.

History and growth of SAP SCM

General introduction to the supply network collaboration concept

  • Introduction to SAP SNC
  • Log on
  • Main Menu exploration
  • Overview of the functions
  • General Functions
  • Screen history navigation
  • Message Log
  • Help function
  • Possible entries
  • Logging off
  • Choosing the Entry Screen

Exceptions Menu in SAP SNC

  • General introduction
  • Using the Alert Monitor
  • Using the Quick View function
  • Using the Microblog Tab
  • Using the Purchase Orders Tab
  • How to Schedule Agreement Releases Tab
  • Using the Advanced Shipping Notifications Tab

Purchasing documents in SAP SNC

  • Working with the Release Menu: Schedule Agreements
  • How to Schedule Agreements: Release-Overview and Details
  • Implementing Release Comparison
  • Working with the Purchase Orders Menu
  • The Purchase Orders Overview and Details
  • Leveraging Purchase Orders PO History (Supplier)

Working with the Delivery Menu

  • The Due list as Open Orderlist
  • How to Download the due list
  • Working with the Due List for Creation of ASN
  • Create ASN: Selecting items for delivery
  • Create ASN: Add Packaging information
  • Create ASN: Save ASN as draft
  • Create ASN: Print labels
  • Create ASN: Publish ASN = final confirmation

ASN Maintenance

  • ASN Overview
  • ASN History

Master Data

  • How to use packaging specifications
  • How to Assign packaging instructions to vendor
  • Changing an existing packaging specification
  • Partner-Dependent Product Data
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