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This web-based training course on SAP SRM functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

SAP SRM helps by carrying out innovative processes for coordination in business operations through management of chief suppliers. The SAP SRM system creates a link between an organization and its suppliers, letting them to interact and cooperate in a variety of ways. Its basic functionalities include coordination in business, reduction of costs, etc. Courses in SAP SRM are highly demanded because more and more organizations are continually recognizing the importance of this software solution. The SAP Supplier Relation Management application allows businesses to gain value through strategic functioning, sustainable expenditure, cost reduction, compliance with contracts, and smooth returns. It furnishes companies with a comprehensive tool enabling it to improve value through an integrated source-to-pay process. Employees who have undergone SAP SRM training online are skilled to carry out essential as well as innovative strategic activities for their company, such as analysis of expenses, requisition, operating relevant contracts, supplier management, invoice generation, goods sourcing, category management, and much more.

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Course Details

SAP SRM online training is conducted through interactive sessions held by commendably knowledgeable experts in the area, who have ample practical experience in the respective industry. The course is conducted with a pragmatic approach, ensuring inculcation of not only knowledge, but also skills required for effective implementation of the training in a real-time professional environment. The primary objective of SAP Supplier Relation Management is to optimize the company's processes involved in procurement by provision of a solution equipped with integration and scalability. The course is based on the latest released enhancement packages of both, SAP SRM and SAP ERP systems. Training in SAP SRM does not demand any prerequisites except a basic understanding of the SAP framework.

Introduction to Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP)

  • Introduction to Supplier Relation Management (SRM)
  • Process of Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP)
  • Overview of Material Management (MM)
  • Roles played by an Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP)
  • Different kinds of Enterprise Buyer Professional scenarios
  • Roles played by Enterprise Buyer Professional in a business scenario
  • Architecture of Supplier Relation Management system

Basic Technical Configuration

  • Destinations of RFC
  • Distribution model involved in ALE
  • Definition of the back end system
  • Definition of the back end in terms of categories of products
  • Configuration of control parameters
  • Definition of logical system in SAP R/3 and SRM
  • Assignment of logical system to client in SAP R/3 and SRM
  • RFC destinations associated with SAP R/3 and SRM
  • Fundamental cross application configuration

Glancing at the Organization Structure

  • Creating the Organization Structure in SAP R/3 and SRM
  • Creation of attributes for the generation of a shopping cart
  • Running of reports for he transfer of all plants from the back end system

Overview of organization

  • Generation of user in SAP SRM
  • Generation of data associated with user and employee
  • Checking of data associated with user and employee
  • Creation of organization structure of vendors
  • Transfer of master records of vendor
  • Making alteration and update on master records of vendor

A Look at the CRM Middleware

  • Scope of functionality provided by CRM Middleware to Enterprise Buyer Professional system
  • Configuration of CRM Middleware in SAP R/3 and SRM
  • Setting of filters for material group in SAP SRM
  • Different units of measurement
  • Different types of material
  • Replication of master data from the back end system in SAP with CRM Middleware
  • Maintenance of different categories and hierarchies
  • Process of maintenance of product

Different Types of Procurement and Introduction to Self Service Procurement

  • Concept of shopping cart
  • Understanding of purchase requisition
  • Definition of purchase order
  • Definition of goods receipt
  • Understanding of invoice
  • Concept of subsequent credit
  • Concept of subsequent debit
  • Overview of credit memo
  • A glance at ERS

Description of the Work Flow

  • Customization of configuration for work flow
  • Maintenance of standard configuration for SAP
  • Understanding the work flow in a business
  • Various options for approval
  • Understanding approvals of shopping cart

Extended Classic Scenarios at a Glance

  • Customization of configuration for Extended Classic Scenarios

Plan Driven Type of Procurement

  • An overview of plan driven procurement
  • Association of plan driven procurement and maintenance of plant
  • Association of plan driven procurement and integration of suppliers
  • Introduction to Supplier Self Service - SUS

Introduction to Service Procurement

  • Definition of overview of service procurement

Introduction to Catalogue Content Management (CCM)

  • Definition of Catalogue Content Management
  • Different types of Catalogue Content Management
  • Customization of configuration for Catalogue Content Management
  • Concept of Open Catalog Interface (OPI)
  • Concept of Open Partner Interface (OCI)

Introduction to Sourcing in SRM

  • Overview of sourcing engine
  • Overview of bidding engine
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