Split AC (Heat Pump) Installation and Commissioning

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Course Details

This course helps trainees to learn installation, commissioning and de-commissioning of single head, split air conditioning and heat pumps systems. It includes wall hung, cassette and ducted fan coil split systems, floor and ceiling suspended and water heating heat pump systems. With this course trainees will learn refrigeration cycle, split system air conditioning, electrical hazards, limits of electrical work in split AC, purge welding, need of piping, leak tests, decommission a working system and to safely add or remove refrigerants. Instead of this, trainees will learn heat pump systems, air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, absorption heat pumps and the need of 4 way reversing valve. The prerequisites for this course are knowledge of basic air conditioner components and air conditioner sequence of operation. The training program is beneficial for both fresher and intermediate professionals to enhance their skills.


  • Theory of Basic Refrigeration
  • Refrigeration Safety
  • Explain Welding safety
  • What is Purge welding?
  • Explain Ozone layer
  • The adverse effects of Ozone Depleting Refrigerants (ODRs) on the environment
  • Various ODRs used within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry
  • What is the requirement of reducing ODRs into the environment?
  • What are Refrigerants and their hazards?
  • Explain Electrical hazards and limits of electrical work relevant to split system air conditioning
  • Physics related to air conditioning
  • Explain Refrigeration cycle
  • Various types of split system air conditioning
  • Explain Air conditioning principles
  • Various Pre-installation activities
  • To explain split system air conditioning
  • To perform pre-start and start-up commissioning procedures
  • To provide information to operators and to complete required documentation in a training environment

Working of the system

  • To mount indoor and outdoor units properly
  • To Prepare pipe work
  • Drainage to industry standards
  • Explain Leak testing
  • Various Evacuation methods
  • To commission a new unit
  • Test running a new unit
  • How the refrigeration cycle operates?
  • How to decommission a working system?
  • How to reclaim refrigerant for disposal safely?
  • How to safely add as well as remove refrigerant with minimum environmental impact?

Introduction to Heat Pump

  • What are Heat pump systems?
  • Explain Air-source heat pumps
  • Explain Geothermal heat pumps
  • Absorption heat pumps
  • How to operate and maintain your heat pump?

Heat Pumps (reverse cycle air conditioning)

  • To explain Pipe Layout
  • Need of 4 Way Reversing Valve
  • Explain Liquid Line Check Valves & Bi-Flo Driers
  • Accumulator
  • To explain Defrost

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