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SAP or Systems, Applications and Products in data processing is currently the leading market player for providing extensive and end to end solutions for financial, manufacturing, logistics, distributions and other such domains. SAP systems are divided into two wide verticals of SAP functional modules and SAP technical modules. In the technical modules, SAP provides solutions and software which provide technical support and efficiency in businesses and business models. Best known for SAP ERP, SAP BW and SAP HANA, SAP provides a number business and technical solutions to industries all over the globe and also immense technical and business support. The key functional modules of SAP are targeted towards key business aspects and processes in any organization. All the various modules of SAP are inherently integrated with each other to provide synchronized and symbiotic business process implementation where each compartment of an organization works in harmony with each other.

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Course Details

This SAP Technical Modules online training course is basic level course which aims to build a strong base of the entire SAP ERP and technical segment of the SAP solutions. The course covers the fundamentals of SAP technical module services and overview of all the modules included in the SAP technical modules solutions list. The trainees will be provided the requisite knowledge of all the SAP technical modules which can be further used to gain knowledge of specific SAP technical modules that any professional would wish to work in and make a career in. The SAP technical modules training program is structured with in-depth information of the fundamentals of SAP technical segments and is fit for beginners as well as professionals willing to gain a wider view of SAP technical segments. There are absolutely no pre-requisites for this course and anyone willing to make a career in SAP can enroll.

SAP Netweaver

  • Understanding SAP Netweaver
  • The various branches and implementations of SAP Netweaver
  • Enhanced adaptability capacity
  • SAP Netweaver process integration
  • SAP NetWeaver information integration
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal


  • Understanding ABAP
  • Introducing the ABAP editor
  • Performing calculations through ABAP
  • Understanding Character Strings
  • How to debug programs
  • Working with database tables
  • Working with data types
  • Modifying data in a database table
  • Program flow control and logic design


  • Understanding SAP’s industry specific solutions
  • Implementing sales and information
  • Integration with customer relations and billing
  • Device management
  • Customer service
  • Billing and invoicing
  • AR subsidiary ledger
  • CR&B receivables


  • Understanding SAP Exchange Infrastructure
  • Fixed linkages
  • Functional orientation
  • Rigidly defined interfaces
  • Standards between systems
  • Blending of user interfaces with functionality
  • Integration builder
  • Integration repository
  • Integration directory
  • Integration Server
  • Integration Engine
  • Business Process Engine
  • Collaborative processes
  • Design processes
  • Configuration processes


  • Understanding SAP BASIS
  • Installation and configuration of systems
  • Load balancing on servers
  • Management of performance on different components
  • Interface management and integrating servers
  • Management of servers and different services
  • The various solutions
  • Database administration
  • Transport and Batch Job Administrator
  • Transaction codes


  • Introducing SAP Business Warehousing
  • Data mining
  • SAP BW tools
  • SAP BW advantages
  • Integration with SAP BI
  • Introduction to BW reporting
  • Navigation in reports
  • Business content
  • BEx query design
  • Restricted Key figures
  • Characteristics
  • Variables
  • Query Properties
  • Exceptions and Conditions

SAP security

  • What are the various SAP security features
  • Understanding STAD data
  • The SAP cryptographic Library
  • Internet Transaction Server security
  • Basics of Networks
  • Web-AS security
  • Single Sign-on features
  • Audit information systems


  • Introduction to the integrated architecture of HANA
  • The multi-core architecture
  • Row and column type data-storage
  • Memory computing engine
  • How does SAP HANA improve organizational performance

SAP solutions manager

  • How to work with the SAP Solutions manager
  • WorkCenters in SAP solutions manager
  • Change control management
  • Testing services
  • It and Application support systems
  • Root cause analysis services
  • Solution Monitoring services
  • Service processing
  • Administration services
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